Jul 14, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday, Labels 7-14-10

works for me wednesday at we are that family

Read on to see how easy to use labels, like  Mabel’s Labels works for our family.

If you haven't checked out Mabel’s Labelss before, I'd encourage you to do so now so they'll be in hand in time for some EASY PEASY back to school labeling.  There is literally a label for EVERYTHING.  And maybe its just my kids but there are some labels that I simply couldn't have imagined needing...until my kids proved me wrong.  For us the shoe labels are great because I often get the same shoes for the kids but they'll be ONE size different and the sizes always wear off but I was honestly surprised when the labels came in handy in another way...seriously kids can lose the WEIRDEST things!
After a couple years in sports and two years in school, I've learned there are countless reasons to label everything.  We label baseball gloves AND the bag we carry them in because you simply wouldn't believe how many people will have the exact same style as you do and while sometimes I can tell the difference based on dirt or stains or rips, its just not the most effective method.  And we label hats because...well, I'm no germ-a-phob, but sharing hats skeeves me to no end!!
But this year I will also be labeling school supplies!  In kindergarten, school supplies are all dumped together and used from a group basket but we found last year that in first grade they have their own stuff and well sometimes well intentioned "sharers" like my kiddos don't always get their stuff back if it's not labeled.  So once we officially know what they are supposed to have we'll spend an evening labeling our little hearts out.  There are even labels that will work on individual pencils!!!  If you've ever tried to actually label a pencil (or crayon etc) you will appreciate these.

Mabel’s Labels has a set for every need but I am a fan of the Classic or Colourful Ultimate Back-to-School combos.

Classic Ultimate Back-to-School Combo

Colourful Ultimate Back-to-School Combo

And if you order before Aug 6 you can earn Mabel Moolah which I'm sure you'll find handy once you realize how much you love Mabel’s Labels!!

Mabel Moolah is Back!
Until August 6th, earn $25 in Mabel Moolah for every $80 purchased, before taxes and shipping

How to Collect Mabel Moolah:

  • Mabel Moolah can be collected on orders placed between 10:00am EST July 6 and 3:00pm EST August 6, 2010.
  • Every $80 spent on a single order before taxes and shipping earns $25 in Mabel Moolah.
  • Orders must be placed online or by phone and paid by credit card to qualify for this promotion. Cheque orders are not eligible.
  • Internet orders: once your order is placed a Mabel Moolah code will be issued by email.
  • Phone orders: customer service will provide your Mabel Moolah code.
  • Mabel Moolah may not be earned on traditional fundraising orders.

How to Redeem Mabel Moolah:

  • Mabel Moolah can only be redeemed between 10:00am EST October 5 and 3:00pm EST November 2, 2010.
  • Place an order totalling at least $50 before taxes and shipping.
  • Use your Mabel Moolah code to subtract $25 off your minimum order of $50.00 (before taxes and shipping). Please note that this code may be used only once.
  • Internet: enter your Mabel Moolah code in the coupon field during checkout.
  • Phone: provide customer service with your Mabel Moolah code when placing your order. Your Mabel Moolah value will be deducted from your total order, before taxes and shipping.
  • Mabel Moolah may not be redeemed on paperless or traditional fundraising orders.

Mabel's Labels www.mabel.ca

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