Jul 22, 2010

Hot Delicious Shmos

As the mom of active, outdoor loving boys I've gotten to experience many things I didn't as a kid.

For instance, I've watched more action movies in the last 7 years of my life then in the 26 previous years.  I'm still not really a fan, but I muddle through...or I nap, you know which ever. 

And then there's camping.  OK, well I haven't actually camped yet.  But we own a tent, and my boys (the older ones) have, so that counts, right?

And probably most surprising to most people is the fact that prekids, I'd never had s'mores. I'm really not sure who's wise idea these things were.  But I'm pretty sure it wasn't a woman who looked at the fire and thought, "why don't we give the kids some long sharp sticks and have then create firey balls of molten marshmallow."

The combination of fire and kids makes me nervous!  Honestly, that's an understatement.  The combination brings me to brink of an anxiety attack and sometimes even past the brink.  So when it's time for honest to goodness, fire roasted s'mores, I head for the hills.  I usually take my littlest fire breather and get far enough away to not watch the impending flailing of marshmallows.  I'm not really a fan of the blackened marshmallow.  It seems to defeat the purpose of the soft fluffy goodness of a marshmallow.

However, melted marshmallow and chocolate on a nice graham cracker, was actually an ingenious idea.  I will definitely partake in some s'mores!  I simply prefer to do it MY WAY...in the microwave!  No young people whipping firey messes at me.  No char-grilled marshmallows.  Just gooey deliciousness!!  Oh and the other bonus...no mosquitoes either!

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  1. I have never had a S'more either. Still at 33. I will attempt to have some when we go camping this November. The kids and I.

  2. We love "Shmos" (as Buzz in Toy Story 2 calls them - Haha!). Personally, I am BIG fan of the blackened marshmallow :-)

  3. What a great blog!! :)
    I'm stopping by from MBC!!


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