Jul 26, 2010


Today I decided to dedicate my facebook to my mom.  I changed my profile photo to this photo of her, on her birthday last year. And I wrote out several memories of her.  I thought I'd share them here too...

Memory #1: during my short stint as a Brownie, my mom chaperoned an outing, where we packed tons of little girls into our station wagon. one little girl sat in the middle of the front seat (good ole bench seats) she snuggled in closely to my mom (then in her early 3...0s) and announced that my mom reminded her of her g'ma because she was "squishy" too.  needless to say, she never volunteered to drive again! LOL :)

Mom Memory #2: When I was 9, my mom and I flew to MS to my g'mas then drove to FL. While in FL my gma's new car broke down leaving us stranded for a full day at a run down motel while it was repaired. I'm pretty sure a lesser woman would have broken down too, but my mom and g'ma were the strongest women I've ever known.  They attempted to make the most of the day in a slightly green tinged pool and the greasiest greasy spoon ever, the whole time telling me how much better this was then some of the trips they took when my mom was little!!!

Mom Memory #3, When I was in college, my mom came down for a weekend visit and we went to a football game. I attended a small college and game attendance there was smaller than my high school. After one particularly good play my mom stood up, pumped her arm and barked, Arsenio Hall style, amongst the otherwise quiet ...stands. I swear everyone in the stands looked at her, and I was sooo embarrassed.  What I wouldn't give to be embarrassed one more time!!

Mom Memory #4, In the years she was a single mom, each week my mom would strap on a Walkman and dance her way through mowing the grass. I will never listen to a song from Top Gun, Footloose or Whitney Houston's early albums without thinking of her!

 Then I shared THIS video for her....

Then someone else shared THIS video for her...

And made me bawl like a baby!!

Mom Memory #5, Upon meeting Bryan for the first time she declared, "I think his nickname should be Moose!" For some reason, that one didn't stick! :) He DID however get the name she wanted to use if I was a boy, and that she tried to convince me to use for the 2 older boys...however we spelled it 'wrong.' According ...to her it should be Bryon.

Mom Memory #6, when I was in high school a friend and I were sitting on my front porch when somehow we got into a conversation about the flammability of farts. He insisted that you COULD in fact light a fart. When I was NOT thoroughly convinced, he proceed to prove it to me...just as my mom opened the front door. She... simply shook her head and closed the door but I'm pretty sure she never forgot that image of him!!

Memory #7, I joined my mom and some friends for a night out. We went to a bar and soon both needed to go to the restroom which was at the other end of the building. As we're finishing, she announced that she was going to see how good of friends these ladies really were. She grabbed some toilet paper and stuffed one end ...in the back of her pants and left a long trail to fly behind her. I could hardly keep a straight face.

And I stopped by the cemetery with a little something.

 Tonight we will go out to dinner to celebrate her day!


  1. Oh that is beautiful. I love how you have so many precious memories of your mom. I wish you were able to create more memories with her.

  2. She sounds like a wonderfully fun lady.

    I am sorry for your loss.

    Those are great memories!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your memories of your mom-she sounds like a wonderful woman-



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