Jul 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

"Happy Birthday Mother"
It's sure to be the best one yet,
Though you left me here behind.
Did you think that I'd forget?

Your cake this year, will surely be,
A beauty to behold.
With the icing made of Silver,
And the candles made of Gold.

Yes your birthday in Heaven,
Will be such a grand affair.
And I know you'll look so lovely,
With a halo in your hair.

The Angels will come from everywhere,
To sing your birthday song.
And I know they'll be so happy,
That you've joined, God's Happy Throng.

No I can't send a card this year,
Or give a gift so fine.
So I'll just send a special prayer,
To that wonderful mother of mine.
 By Winnie Lovett 1968

Today my mom would have celebrated her 59th birthday.  Even after nine long months, I am often unable to really grasp that she is gone and that there will be no more shared birthdays.  But today will be about remembering that amazing person my mom was.  She was a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a niece, a wife and an aunt.  But I knew her best as a mother, a grandmother and friend!

My mom LOVED her family!! And as you can see, the feeling was mutual!!

To know my mom, was to love her!
And this picture is the perfect display of why.  She loved to make people laugh.  She was the class clown in school when she was little.  And she never really grew out of that.  She was known to embarrass a daughter or granddaughter with an Arsenio Hall style "WOO WOO WOO!" complete with fist pump and all.
And she was a well known "trouble maker" on women's retreats.
She was loved for her smile and her laugh!

My mom was the strongest woman I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.
When it became apparent that a recovery was not in her future she still kept amazing spirits.
These photos where taken at a family gathering at her house.  I asked ahead of time if we could take these photos of my boys with her...knowing they would likely be the last photos of them together.
Can you can you tell that to look at them??
Sadly, my mom was ill from before the time that Bryan was born so they were not able to spend much time together at all and he was never able to form the bond with her the other two have.  This photo will in some ways forever be a reminder of that.  But it is also a reminder of how God left me a very tangible piece of her. Bryan looks very much like my mom and he is quite the character too.  He has certainly been my rainbow in the storm of losing her.

Mom, I miss you every single day.  But I know you are with me.  I feel your strength every time I get to the point where I don't think I can make it.  I hope you have the most amazing birthday yet!!!  Love, Me


  1. <3 Lovely post.
    Happy birthday to your momma. :)

  2. What beautiful photos and what a lovely post in your Mom's honour. I hope you talk to her, because she's always with you.

    Hugs and prayers on this difficult day. First are the hardest when they are gone. I promise, it will get easier...they'll never be forgotten, but the sting of the hurt kinda goes away...


  3. I just had to leave a comment - I too lost my mom - mine was very sudden. I know what it's like to have your kids without their grandma. Despite how bad the pain probably still feels, it does dull eventually.



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