Jul 13, 2010

Some might disagree

Although I know I could find some people (possibly even in my own house) that would whole heartedly disagree, I now have proof, in writing that there is simply nothing to not love about me! LOL

Boy oh Boy oh Boy!

You see yesterday I received an email for the author of a blog called Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy who's been using that name, which is obviously very close to mine, for considerably (like 3 years) longer than I've had my blog.  A friend of her's had stumbled upon my blog accidentally and told her about me.  She came over to see who I thought I was, stealing her blog name.  And then...she sent me this email....

A friend of mine pointed me in your direction when she found that your blog had almost the same name as mine...I havewww.boyohboyohboy.com (just an oh missing - LOL)...

 Anyway, I have to be honest...I came over to your blog, to check you out and hate a little, since you STOLE my name and everything ;o) ...but when I got there, I found that I liked you...I really LIKED you!  I read about you and just had to tell you how many similarities we have!

So there you have it, proof that even people who WANT to hate me, CAN'T!! I must admit, its HARD to be so likeable!  And just in case you haven't picked up on it yet, I am being completely sarcastic. No reason to send emails denoting the ways to hate me or anything.  I've got a great grasp of reality and my flaws.

However, it was great to get such an email, which I didn't include in full and did ask before I share.  Dawn and I are now friends on facebook and I am further encouraged that although many people I know "in real life" may not always understand this blogging thing, there is good reason to do be blogging because there are amazing connections to be made in this online community.

If you get a chance be sure to visit Dawn at Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy and let her know she's pretty likeable too!!!!  

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