Jul 24, 2010

The Wild Soccer Bunch review

International best-selling series of children’s books arrives with The Wild Soccer Bunch, Book 1: Kevin the Star StrikerComment Moderation

The Wild Soccer Bunch has finally arrived in the USA, and Landon Donovan, captain of the Los Angeles Galaxy — and 2009 Major League Soccer’s Most Valuable Player — is sharing his love for these books with soccer fans throughout North America. “From the very first page I became a fan of The Wild Soccer Bunch. The stories unfold like an epic soccer game: mesmerizing, nail-biting, and fun!" says the star of the U. S. Men’s National Soccer Team, who is now playing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

“Kids will fall in love with the book, and get up and start kicking a ball around. I’m a huge fan of The Wild Soccer Bunch!” Donovan exclaims.

This international best-selling series of children’s books launched stateside with the May 26th release of The Wild Soccer Bunch, Book 1: Kevin the Star Striker (Sole Books). Kevin the Star Striker tells the tale of The Wild Bunch, a soccer team in Chicago with a wide cast of characters. Spring arrives and they find that Mickey the Bulldozer and his gang, The Unbeatables, have taken over their field. Can The Wild Bunch defeat them? Kids in the 8-14 age range will enjoy reading the book to find out the answer!

The Wild Soccer Bunch was created in 2002 in Germany by author/screenwriter/director Joachim Masannek. The first book, followed by a German language feature film, became an overnight sensation. To date, the brand has evolved into a strong worldwide franchise, with the 14-book series translated into 28 languages and five international theatrical films. With well over 9 million books sold in more than 30 countries, The Wild Soccer Bunch is a true international phenomenon. Bringing the brand to North America is Wild Soccer USA, which plans to release the next two books in the series – Diego the Tornado and Zoe the Fearless – within the next 12 months. Wild Soccer USA is also behind the youth website www.wildsoccer.com, which features interactive soccer games, chat forums, and more.

The Wild Soccer Bunch, Book 1: Kevin the Star Striker is available through wildsoccerbunch.com, Amazon.com, and other online retailers.

The Wild Soccer Bunch, Book 1, Kevin the Star Striker

The Wild Soccer Bunch, Book 1: Kevin the Star Striker

Written by Joachim Masannek Illustrations by Jan Birck
Juvenile Fiction - action adventure - sport - soccer
Hardcover · May 26th, 2010 — US $12.95 · CAN $16.95
ISBN: 978-0-9844257-0-9

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We recieved this book to review and it was a big hit with my boys.  I assumed Johnny would like it because he is really into soccer right now (and better stay that way since I just dropped $140 for him to play the next two seasons).  But I was suprised how much Timmy liked it.  I think he was drawn in by the trouble these kids get into and the funny nicknames and stuff.

Its a super easy read with nice short chapters.  I chose to read it to them so that we could read it together but I think Johnny, who will be going into first grade could make his way through it with minimal help.  I am sure there are some parents that would not approve of the book because there is a decent amount of misbehavior in this book but I think its handled well and, honestly isn't that just part of being a kid.  I think it's nice to letme kids "see" other kids learn from their mistakes! 


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