Jul 29, 2010

You look like a monkey.....

...after our day at the Milwaukee County Zoo yesterday, I suppose it's possible I smelled like one too!  But I did find out I at least share a birthday with one!

This young lady turned 30 yesterday!

Apparently Jul 28th is just a great day to have a birthday because I not only share my birthday with Mj, the monkey but a good friend and a grand neice and grand nephew!

Yesterday I turned 33!  Not exactly a milestone but I'm pretty much of the opinion that since we aren't ever guaranteed another one, we should celebrate each birthday well!

This year I took the day off and we headed to the Milwaukee County Zoo for the day.  But not before, I enjoyed my cheese danish, brought to me...in bed by my super sweet son, Timmy!

We spent 6 hours at the zoo.  We knew we were going to check out the Adventure Dinosaur exhibit as the highlight of the day.  And the boys were dieing to ride the train.  But I ended up deciding we should see the Seal and Sea Lion show also.  It was all wonderful!!

Adventure Dinosaur, which there is an additional charge for ($2.50 a person) was a HUGE hit with the boys.  We followed tracks from the entrance all the way to the exhibit.
Once we entered the exhibit there were dinosaurs around every corner.  There were dinosaurs of all different types (29 I believe) and sizes.  Many of them moved, some made noise and one even SPIT!  The TRex was big enough that it freaked Bryan out a little but for the most part I'd say the exhibit is great for ANY age.  In addition to the many different dinos there to see, there is also an area where the kids can dig to find a dinosaur fossil, and a robotic dinosaur they can play with and make move.
Check out ALL the fun photos we have from Adventure Dinosaur in the slide show below!

As I said, I also through in a stop at the Oceans of Fun show, also an additional charge ($2.50 for adults $1.50 for children 3 and up), but well worth it.  I remember loving these types of shows when I was young.  It was a little hot sitting in the sun (they clearly post that there is no shade in the show areana) but at least for me it was worth it.  The best part for me was seeing a momma and 3 month old baby...seal.  Shoot, they told us how to tell the difference between seals and sea lions and I have already forgotten.  Johnny was interested enough to ask if we could go to one of the summer camps they offer where you get a more in depth look into the behind the scenes workings of the animals care and training!
At the end of the show they offer a photo opp that I couldn't resist!
It's a photo (from my phone) of a photo so excuse the quality.  But how cool is that!!!!  I'd say it's priceless, others may say it was $21.
Check out all my photos from the actual show in my slide show.

We, of course, strolled around and saw many other animals, checked out the diary exhibit and stopped for dinner.  I was actually surprised that we were able to eat dinner fairly reasonable.  We each had a hot dog, got a huge order of fries ("chive fries" which I'd never heard of but highly recommend) and a dessert for everyone for under $30.

And we finished the day off with a ride on the little train.  (I think it was $2 a person but I'm not sure.) We had thought we'd run out of time to ride it as the map said it ran until 4.  But as we passed the station at about 4:45 it was still running and we snagged seats on its last trip.  Thank you to the birthday gods for that one, because I might never heard the end of it from the boys since I had "promised" them a ride on either the train or zoomobile!  Plenty of photos of our ride in the slide show also.

We spent six hours at the zoo and once again didn't get close to seeing it all.  If you're thinking about checking out the Milwaukee County Zoo, I'd suggest you plan to make a day of it.  Or get a zoo membership so you can go back often.  There are soo many things to see there!!!

Disclosure: Our family received complimentary tickets to enter the zoo and the Adventure Dinosaur exhibit for review purposes. A favorable review was not required, and all feedback expressed is my own honest personal opinion!!!!


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