Jul 27, 2010

We were left looking for Ashton!

You may recall me writing about how we were 'hitting the town' last week.  And then I posted that we'd "been had" and here's the full story of our evening.

So after getting ourselves dolled up, helping Bryan adjust to our super sweet sitter (he has VERY little experience with sitters but she is awesome) and being able to have some peace in knowing if all else failed, "Papa" would arrive soon with dinner to help with Bryan, we headed to the city.  We left just less than 2 hours before we were to be there and made it JUST on time.
It was a beautiful place.  I felt like such a grown up, out to dinner, in the city, at a place with valet parking no less.

Then I saw this.  Yup, the whole place just for our dinner!
We were greeted by some lovely ladies from MyBlogSpark, where I received a small gift to help with out expenses in getting there.  And then we were asked to sign a waiver for a video crew they had on site....yeah, ok, I'll sign anything!    This probably should have been my first clue that something was going on besides a simply appreciation dinner...but who was I to question!

We were then seated a lovely table and introduced to a wonderful waiter.  He reviewd our menu for the evening and explained that everything had been previously selected for us, except the main entree.
Here is our menu:

We started with soup, which I bravely tried but fully expected to hate.  But I LOVED it!!
Ok, Ben Pao, had caught my attention.

Then the appetizers arrived.
In addition to these, we had the lettuce wraps which I'd also never had but thoroughly enjoyed!!
We pretty much skipped all the sauces but loved everything else.

In addition to some great new food, I enjoyed something else, I'd all but forgotten existed....time alone, with my husband.  We had a great time without any whiney or complaining.  (Well, there was no complaining IN the restuarant, there MAY have been some on the way there.)

And for our main course, Tom picked Sweet and Sour Chicken, which is especially odd since he doesn't eat chicken, like ever, but he usually eats sweet and sour pork when I drag him out for Chinese food.  And he LOVED it.  He MADE me try it, but I'm simply not a sweet and sour kind of girl.  

I had my usual fave of Beef and Brocoli.  It was delicious.  

I was stuffed!
But then they brought dessert.  This is the lemon ginger cheesecake.  Normally, I wouldn't order something lemon ginger, but MAN would I have missed out.  It was AMAZING!
And if that weren't enough...Chocolate Spring Rolls.  They were warm and crunchy and DELICIOUS! Don't ask how many I ate, I won't tell!!  Let's just say Tom was too full to save me from myself by eating any of them!

And then, just when I thought I would literally explode, even through my multiple layers of restricting undergarments, they brought us fortune cookies.
For fear of explosion, I didn't open mine....until the camera crew interviewed the people at the table behind us, asking if they'd been fooled.  Hmmmm?? Wait, what did we miss, we wondered.

Then they approached another table and asked if they could film them opening their fortune cookies.
"It's IN the cookie!!" I told Tom, as I began to open mine.
And this is what we found...

So, thanks to Ben Pao and Wanchai Ferry, we were totally punked!

Here's me...being me, wanting to get out of being filmed.

And both of us, yup, we've been Punked! We were totally clueless.

And here is the sneaky team from MyBlogSpark!
Thank you ladies for a very memorable night!

And Tom wasn't as camera shy as I was so maybe he'll be a new commercial from Wanchai Ferry.
For now though, you can check out their current commercial...
Here are the entrees we tried:

And a couple other choices I would love to try...
Wanchai Ferry® Chinese Frozen EntrĂ©es are available in the grocer's frozen section.  
Make delicious Chinese food at home in about 12-14 minutes.  Visit WanChai Ferry's website for a coupon for $1.50 off to try it for yourself.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary items from MyBlogSpark in return for attending this event but all opinions expressed are my honest personal feedback.


  1. I remember you! You sat right by us! I love your blog! YOu have a new follower! Thank you for visiting mine! I live in the nw burbs.

  2. you make me wish i had taken some pictures of our adventure!

  3. That is too funny! I've wanted to try those, maybe now I will!


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