Aug 16, 2010

Another Busy Weekend.

Sometimes I wonder where the time goes.  I mean how'd it get to be Monday again already!?!?!?!

But if I've been good, I have some photographic evidence to prove that it was not in fact some weird time warp that stole my weekend after's a glimpse of our weekend.

Friday night I took the boys to get haircuts.  A friend of mine recently completed the Susan G Koman 3 Day and she was doing a fundraiser, Cuts for a Cure to hopefully finish up the last of her fund-raising.  A friend of her's donated her time to do cuts and we gave a donation.  It was win win I think!
Here's the boys BEFORE:


We attended a Fire Department Open House:
The boys, yup even the 'big' one went down the fire pole.  As you can see in this first picture Tom took Bryan up because the stairs were a little daunting and when he went to turn and go back DOWN THE STAIRS, they insisted he take the pole.  The small crowd of moms watching for their kids who were behind him found it very amusing.
Then they were able to put on some gear and try an obstacle course.

Bryan needed a little coaching...

And could NOT be convinced to go through this tube no matter how much I called (sounding a little too much like I was calling a dog) from the other end

They got to climb up INTO a fire truck...
And we got to check out the Flight For Life helicopter and then watch it take off.  The wind it created was a nice break from the tempature!

Then before we completely melted, but after some of us had completely melted down we headed to the Police Station open house where we toured inside in the A/C before heading out to shady stop to watch the K9 demo.  I don't know why but I never tire of this demo.  We HAVE a shephard and obviously she's not a police dog but I've been watching these demos forever (you may recall my father is a retired office, though he was never a K9 officer we went to our share of demos) and the office is actually a casual friend of ours. 

Then we headed home for a failed attempt at a nap (for Bryan, not me, clearly not me...ok maybe I tried but 33 pounds of giggles jumping on you makes that near impossible) before heading to my neices 16th birthday.  I think I must have been 5 when she was born, right?? 

Sunday was church and then a parade.  It's nice because we get to church and put our chairs out, go inside for service and then back out and about 20 minutes later...parade.  So convient!  I forgot my camera for the parade so you'll just have to take my word on this one, we saw 3 of my nieces and a variety of friends in the parade.  We decided to just sit and watch rather than walk it with our church because the boys will be in a parade in a couple weeks and we hadn't made it to any parades this summer.

After the parade we walked to DQ for some late lunch.  By this time I was pretty roasty toasty again and ready to sit inside and chill BUT the boys (Timmy and Bryan) wanted to stay outside and play.  So I found a shady spot, a lounge chair and turns some tunes on pandora and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon like this, breaking occasionally to throw the ball around with the boys.

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  1. Those haircuts are just too stinkin' cute! Love how they came out and the smile on your littlest...adorable!

    I always loved the fire station activities!


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