Aug 17, 2010

Rock mealtimes with mOmma products! review and photo contest

The new collection of mOmma feeding products for infants and toddlers will turn breakfast, lunch and dinner into a moment of learning and fun! Equal parts stylish and smart, mOmma products incorporate a rounded, ergonomic design that allow cups, forks and spoons to rock back-and-forth, keeping kids entertained during meals and eliminating spills all at the same time. An added plus: the design keeps the parts that touch babies’ lips away from tabletop germs.
You would think after three kids, I would have it all figured out when it comes to keeping mealtime stress free.  But honestly, I am still wondering when both my husband and I will be able to actually eat our meals hot and without having to deal with some mess or helping someone.
I know some moms learn to just take it all in stride but for me helping the first figure it all out was ok, with number two I tried my best to make it as easy as possible.  And with three I feel like my head is spinning wondering when they might all learn to eat like humans.  Seriously, how many times can stuff hit the floor during one meal.  And why are my older boys to blame for an equal portion of those times.  Maybe its just time to figure out how to get the last born to get on board with orderly eating time.  He does after all want nothing more than to do it all HIMSELF.  And on more than one occasion he has been the only one NOT to spill or knock something over.  Now with his new mOmma tools, he'll be miles ahead of the rest of our barbaric brood!

Their utensils are cute but also the perfect fit for little hands.

The drink set is perfect for a new mom as it begins as a bottle and then can grow with the baby to a sippy cup and then a straw cup.

If your little ones is already past needing a bottle you can buy the sippy or straw cup separately also.

The Developmental Meal Set is perfect for those independent toddlers.  The set is great for everyday use at home but its also wonderful for taking with you on the go as the fork and spoon feature covers to keep the utensil clean before use, and your bag clean after use.  The cover also doubles as a handle when children are needing a longer handle.

And mOmma really thought of everything for us.  I know in the past I've bought cups or bottles that I thought were PERFECT, until I realized that there was no good way to wash them.  I suppose if I had a dish washer this would be less of an issue but since I don't, being able to get items clean is a pretty big deal.  So Momma went as far as designing the perfect tool to clean their uniquely shaped line.

Overall, the mOmma products get two messy thumbs up from us!  And now you have a chance to win your own set of mOmma products with their current photo contest.

mOmma's messiest mOments photo contest

Little ones can sure make a big mess!  Send us a photo of your tot’s messiest mealtime moment for a chance to win a prize package of mOmma, the beloved line of Italian feeding products for infants and toddlers, for yourself and a friend (total value: $104.50).

Contest open August 2 – September 10, 2010. One digital photo per entry, please. One entry per child will be accepted,
To enter mOmma’s messiest mOments photo contest, please email 1 photo in a digital format of your child, along with the information listed below, to

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