Aug 28, 2010

Bedol Water Clock

Bedol International Group Launches its New Water Powered Clock with Increased Efficiency for the 2010 Holiday Season 
Water Droplet Design Improves Efficiency up to 16 Weeks per Fresh Water Change 
Los Angeles, CA - Bedol International Group, Inc. announces the September 2010 release of its next generation Bedol Water Alarm Clock. Now featuring more volume, standard alarm function and efficiency improvements, this truly green, battery-free timepiece is appropriately sculpted in the shape of a water droplet as it hits the ground below, and boasts up to sixteen weeks or more of uninterrupted operation between water changes. The transparent, PVC-free enclosure serves as a colorful water reservoir for the visually intriguing ion harvesting mechanism that powers the digital clock. 
Bedol introduced its highly successful, first generation water clock in 2008, fashioned in the shape of a canteen, and a redesigned, second generation water clock designed as droplet in 2009. The original model required a drop of lemon to operate while the new design runs on tap water alone, with an increased water storage capacity. “Time is off essence and I’m always looking to improve the efficiency in each new model, in keeping with our increasingly busy daily schedules,” states Mark Bedol, President of Bedol International Group, Inc., “our new design requires less refills, does not need an added boost of lemon and offers an alarm as a standard feature. I wanted to create an improved, compact and ecologically sound version of our classic models – which our customers continue to snap-up like hotcakes – but even more convenient and still stylish, with little to no maintenance.” 
The eco-friendly, new Bedol Water Alarm Clock remains a practical accessory for any home or office at a compact, ultra-sleek 6.5 inches x 4 inches, and retails for $39.00 dollars at and Bedol retailers nationwide, including the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. 
The water powered alarm clock is available in six colors: Red, green, orange, blue, yellow and charcoal, and the clock’s base acts as a fill spout cap for just over four cups of water held in a reservoir which powers the clock an amazing four months (or more) between water changes. Operational time varies depending on the content of local tap water. The clock’s power plant employs the ions in water to generate electrical current. The new Bedol Water Alarm clock is set for debut September 2010. 
Bedol also offers the original circle shaped Bedol Water Clock for $16 in green, blue, pink and charcoal. The second addition, water droplet clock, launched in 2009, is priced at $29.00 and available in green, charcoal, blue, pink and purple. 
About Bedol International Group 
Bedol features the latest in innovative products that gives a fun and edgy spin to traditional household and office items. Mark Bedol, company founder, established the Bedol brand with popular inventions and designs such as: Checkmaster, a checkbook calculator that simultaneously balances three different accounts, Super Sleuth Camera Pen, the sleek looking Spider Clock and the Supersmart line of children's school supplies. Bedol is committed to do their part for the environment by offering eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. Bedol products have been sold at selected retailers nationwide including Saks Fifth Ave, Neiman Marcus and Macy’s. Bedol products are available at the company website

Facts & Features 
- Eco-friendly, operates on tap water alone 
- LCD Display 
- Battery-Free 
- Does not requires any additives to operate (prior model required a drop of lemon) 
- Has over a four cup water reservoir which can power the clock for 16 weeks (or more) between water changes 
- Features a daily or hourly alarm and easy to set 12 hour or 24 hour clock 

Celebrity fans include: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Alba, 
Miley Cyrus, P. Diddy, Kate Winslet and Tori Spelling.

We have been using our clock for awhile now and it works perfectly...on JUST WATER!! It's the craziest thing to me, but I promise you all we had to do was open it up, fill to the indicated line and set it. The things keeps better time than anything else in our house! I think it'd be perfect for traveling or anywhere that electricity isn't easily accessed. Which in our house is just about everywhere. As soon as I can trust my kids not to play with it and they have need to wake to their own alarm it will become their alarm clock because the ONE outlet in their room is no where near something we could set an alarm on.


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