Aug 17, 2010

I've got friends... crafty places!!

Awhile ago I introduced you to my friend Katie, who makes super cute capes (and now a bunch of other things).  And I'd share a great photo of my boys wearing their capes but I don't have one...yeah they won't actually hold still long enough to get any kind of photo while wearing them.   But they look like this, just insert my cute spikey headed or hippie haired cuties in them.
They are really well put together and reversible so you can get 2 times the crime fighting superhero fun in one. Check Katie out on etsy here.

And today my good friend, Trish, over at Ruffles and Ribbon which might make you think you won't find something for the boys just posted this photo of the shirts she just finished up for my boys.  Each shirt is in the boys' favorite color and I just love how the primary colors turned out with the white, they totally POP!  I planned to do some new photos of the boys with these!  And now that I've seen them, I can't wait!  She also has super cute bows and lots of girlie stuff but if you are looking for something personalized she really will create just what you're looking for, even scouring the world for a bright yellow shirt in just the right size!!


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