Sep 10, 2010

Disney On Ice Presents Princess Classics review

On Wednesday, I took my guys to meet some princesses.  I'll admit the oldest, who already thinks he's too cool for too much, was NOT thrilled with this idea.  But he was told that dispite his beliefs, the world is NOT solely about him and therefor he'd go if for no other reason than that I wanted to go.

When we arrived....well technically when we arrived we annoyed some parking lot people who weren't expecting anyone for a couple hours as we were an hour early for the PRESHOW event.  We arrived at the United Center just before 4pm for a 7pm show!  So we spent an hour running around outside in good ole windy Chicago.  (Which ironically isn't actually named the windy city for the literal wind but the wind blown by our many notorious politicians. But nonetheless it IS literally windy!)

After an hour of attempts at simon says, follow the leader and "cheese touch" (this if from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, if you haven't read the books or seen the movie, you should!) it was finally time and the doors were open for a smallish group of families who were invited to the preshow meet and greet.  We signed in and headed upstairs where each of the boys got a great bag of goodies and the perfect buffet of kid food was served.  Every detail was delightful from the table decorations to the adorable Mickey Mouse plush toys the boys each got in their bags.  

And after we were given a while to settle in, hug some fellow bloggers and have a bite to each we were all able to meet and take photos with 2 of the princesses from the show.

After finishing up our meal we headed into the areana for the show which was, not surprisingly, AMAZING!  For me the music brought back great memories as most of the movies they were from when I was little.  The ice skating is beautiful as is the scenery and costumes!  All your favoite characters from the princess movies such as Little Mermaid, Cindrella, Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin are in the show.  Some of the highlights for me were the magic carpet ride and the color changing dress from Sleeping Beauty.  This is a show for the kids but I promise you'll enjoy it just as much.

Check our ALL my photos from the show, which are NOT that great of a quality, here on facebook.
And tell me, does THIS look like a kid who's bored by the show?? Yeah, he loved it, too cool for princesses or not!

And you stil have time to go!

United Center Sept. 8-12

(and plenty of other dates nationwide)

Purchase a 4-pack tickets for only $44 (valid Monday-Thursday and Friday matinees, excluding holidays) and save $4 on all week...end shows by logging onto and enter the coupon code MOM.
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