Sep 10, 2010

Timmy Time to Premier on Playhouse Disney

Aardman Animations’ Timmy Time is scheduled to air in North America from September 13, 2010 on Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney. Timmy Time is Aardman’s first animated television project for the preschool audience, and the stop-motion series has already enjoyed great success in its first season of broadcast overseas.

Timmy Time follows the adventures of Timmy, a little lamb with a lot to learn as he enters preschool. Fans of Aardman’s hit children’s series Shaun the Sheep will recognize Timmy as the baby lamb on the farm who is frequently drawn into all kinds of chaotic adventures by the mischievous older sheep. Used to having his way by being “the only lamb in the flock,” Timmy is now heading to preschool to graze on some important life lessons about playing nicely with others, namely his fellow classmates of the furry, feathered and spiky types.

I know, I'm a dork because I'm simply giddy over a show with one of the boys names in it! My Timmy just rolls his eyes at me though.  However, Bryan, who is actually in the age range this show is geared for really enjoys it.  I'm not sure if he actually heard any of the show (which we received a preview copy of) as he was busy making sheep noises and repeatedly asking "what him's name?" and "dat Timmy?" But he was excited about it.   My older boys really enjoy Shaun the Sheep but I much prefer Timmy Time!  If you have preschoolers be sure to check your local listings for the premier on September 13.  And in the mean time check out some of the Timmy Time activities with your little one.

Click on any of these pages for a full size, printable file courtesy of  Timmy Time!

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