Sep 20, 2010

Olivia toy review

If you're the parent of a preschooler, you've probably seen the show Olivia on TV and maybe, like me, you've even been known to get the theme song stuck in your head once or twice!

Although it's not one of MY favorite shows, Bryan really likes it.  And mind you, it's not the actual content of the show that I have any issues with, it's the little details that always trip me up.  You know like how in the world are those pigs able to carry their big ole bodies on those skinny crooked little pig legs?  Ya, I have no clue where my older boys get their cynicism from!

But as I said, Bryan IS a fan of the show and was THRILLED when we opened a box to find these little gems.
Plush Olivia in Red Dress 11"

A perfect sized plush toy for your Olivia fan.  She's very soft and huggable and Bryan LOVES her!!

Olivia 2-In 1 Playset

I know the idea of the house playset (we'll stay clear of calling it an actual dollhouse) is sometimes questionable for boys.  But I think that the fact that this playset not only opens to be Olivia's house but also opens a second way to be a pirate ship eliminates any gender issues at all.  But honestly Bryan preferred playing with it as her house.  He spent a long time walking her around the house, up and down the stairs, putting her to bed (complete with snoring noises) and sitting her on the couch.  The smaller parts were a little tricky for him but he is over a full year under the recommended age for it.  Johnny (6) also loved the pirate items and played with the smaller items, as much as his baby brother would allow.
The house comes with the bed, a mirror, desk, stool, refrigerator, table and chairs, dishes and a book to fill up the house.
Olivia "sleeping"

Olivia looking in her mirror.

taking a break on the "chouch"

This is the only shot I got of the pirate ship.  Here he is putting Olivia in the lookout tower or whatever its called.  It comes with a parrot, a chest, a treasure map and a telescope to complete the pirate theme.

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