Sep 20, 2010

Wiggles Wiggly Circus

A couple weekends ago, my two year old son and I attended The Wiggles Wiggly Circus. The show was at the Rosemont Theater which is easy to get to, with easy to access parking and the place is really nice. Inside the theater is cozy and I'm pretty sure there weren't any truly bad seats. But we had AMAZING seats. With no food or drinks allowed in the theatre you're safe from wandering snocone and popcorn salesmen but there's still plenty of merchandise to drop your money on. Yeah I caved at the last minute when the people in front of us sat down and Bryan fell in love with the light up wand with the Big Red Car on it. We ran out to the lobby and waited in line right at the scheduled start time of the show. So the fact that they started late, which would typcially have annoyed me at least some, considering it is a show for LITTLE kids, I think its a bit rude to expect them to wait, this time it saved my Wiggly Circushiney! I didn't check the time when the show started, but I'd guess it was maybe 10 minutes late, which if it were an adult concert I wouldnt' even blink at. But once it started, it was nonstop. Because we don't get the channel that the Wiggles are currently on, I haven't seen the new shows, we only havd older DVD, I'm not sure if some of the songs they did are on the new shows or if they were exclusive to the live show. But the show consisted of a mix of songs/dancing and some circus-y type acts. There were no animals or crazy motorcycle riders, but some tumbling and acrobatic type elements. I thought it gave it a fun twist, and would be especially enjoyable if you're Wiggles regulars as it would give you a little something different. At this performance, and I believe they said about the last week, Murray was not performing but tending to "personal matters at home." They addressed this issue head on and introduced his temporary replacement by his own name which I appreciated because I hate when people don't give credit to kids for being intelligent and try to pull one over on them. I'm sure some fans were dissappointed that they didn't get to see Murray but I think it would have been a bigger turn off if they attempted to pass off a fake Murray! I was also surprised by how many people were apprently privy to the knowledge that during the show the Wiggle would walk to crowd to collect any roses brought for Dorothy and bones brought for Wags. And that they would also take time out to read any signs that the children "made" and brought in. This is a great thing to know ahead of time if you have a try Wiggles fan! We weren't aware of it but probably wouldn't have brought anything anyway as B is too young to get that part of it. There were several times when I thought for sure they were wrapping things up but then would keep right on going. There were more costume changes than I could count (more for the other dancers than the Wiggles but even they had a couple) and there really was no down time during the show at all. At one point they stopped to ask parents to collect their kids because the theater would be getting dark but that was for their performance of Twinkle Twinkle, which I think was one of Bryan's favorites. The lights ALL went down, they asked everyone to turn on their cell phones or anything with lights and the only lights on the stage were a few lights worn by the dancers and a large lit up star. It was dark enough to possibly make some kids nervous, but Bryan was fine and has been talking about ever since. All the Wiggles character were there, though Dorothy and Wags make fairly short apparences. And even the Big Red Car got some stage time! When it was all over and we got to the car I was surprised to look at the clock to see that the show had been well over an hour and a half. In comparison to another kid show we attended in the last year, this was a considerably longer performance time. If you have a little Wiggles fan, I would definitely recommend the Wiggly Circus.

Tickets: $ ?? (sorry I forgot to price them, but other areas are going anywhere from $14 to 70 something)
Parking: $11
Light up Wand: $18

A slide show of a few photos from the show.
Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets from the Wiggly Circus and USFamilyGuides in exchange for my honest, personal review of the show.  I have not been otherwise compensated, and all opinions are my own HONEST feedback.


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