Sep 14, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday, 9/14

Top Ten {Tuesday}

In less than a week I will be celebrating my 7th anniversary.  If you haven't been reading my blog very long, you may not think this is a very big milestone but considering where we've come from, we think EVERY year is a milestone!  So in honor of our anniversary I am dedicating this weeks top ten to my hubby!

Top Ten Reason I Love My Husband (most of the time):

  1. First of all I have to give him credit for putting up with me as I am not always very easy to live with.  I know, you're shocked, but it IS true. I have been known to experience severe PMS and other random nonexcusable bouts of moodiness.  Not that he doesn't ever react to it or run from it but he always comes back for more and in my book, that's more than half the battle!
  2. He is WONDERFUL about letting me have time with my friends.  I know many moms who get very little of this but he is not only ok with it but typically very encouraging of it.  
  3. He has been AMAZINGLY patient with me over the last year and a half or so when my mom was very ill and then after her passing.  I'm not usually able to express what I'm feeling out loud, if I even understand it, but he usually understands anyway.  He often knows me better than I know myself and knew the things
  4. Without him, I would not have 3 of the cutest kids ever.  Although parenting is often one of our biggest sources of struggle, I am still truly thankful for the gift of my kids!  
  5. He is unbelievably supportive of my talents.  He is my biggest cheerleader, who has more faith in me than I usually have in myself.
  6. He is one of the most involved dads I know.  He is home full time so he's there more, but he is still genuinely involved in their lives and activities.  He is there for homework and soccer games and just playing catch in the yard.
  7. He is someone I can be myself with.  I can be a total dork, and although he will be the first to tell me so, he is a great to spend time with and be silly with.
  8. He is one of the most giving people I know.  I'm pretty sure he'd give someone the shirt off his back, even if it'd make me crazy because it was a brand new shirt that I put a lot of thought into. LOL  He will drop everything to help friends and family and while that sometimes causes conflict, it is still an admirable quality.
  9. He has done many things to prove his dedication to our family and our marriage.  Things haven't always been easy, but when it really counted he stepped up and made the changes and did the work that needed to be done for our family to be able to stay together.
  10. I love that he has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I think without this, we would have been done awhile ago! 

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