Sep 15, 2010

There's No Greater Joy

The joy moment I 'met' my boys for the first time, I honestly believed there could never be a better moment in my life. And while experiencing the truly amazing mircale that is a newborn baby is still one of the most special things I can possible imagine, I think I've found even greater joy.

The joy of watching as your child finds their joy!

We have given our boys as varied of experiences as we can and we've had lots of great times.  But this weekend, Johnny found his true joy.  As the middle child he has struggled to find something his own, something that he really and truly loved.  It appears he has found his groove and a place that is truly HIS!

Watching my guy play soccer this weekend you could not deny the joy he was experiencing.  It was as if some switch we'd never known existed had been switched in him  He is typcially a off marching to the beat of his own drum at very laid back pace. But the fire he found in a game that he loves was so much fun to see.  Now I'm not saying I have a pro on my hands by any means, but you could tell from his drive that he has found himself in this game.  He may never be the best, but he will be happy and that makes this momma VERY happy.

Despite being a fairly sports cavvy girl, I don't know a darn thing about soccer.  I was thoroughly confused by a lot of the things that were done...sometimes they through it in, sometimes they kick it in from the corner, sometimes they got a free kick against only the goalie and sometimes the whole team lines up in front of the goal.  I clearly have a lot to learn, but to see that joy on his face, it will be SO worth it.

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  1. What a cutie your son is (you can see that joy shining through in that first picture of him holding the soccer ball)!


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