Sep 23, 2010

Trying Not Be One "those" Moms

A friend of mine shared this video the other day on FaceBook. I think we've all had an experience like this and I TRY not to be this mom. But sometimes the reality is that children are different. Every child, even if they've come from the same gene pool and been raised in the same house will be different! And as parents it's our job to try to get them the things they need to meet their differences. For Johnny, that was Speech Therapy that required not one but two assessments for us to get someone to agree with us that he needed. (That was three years ago and he's still receiving therapy today.) And as I've mentioned before for both of the older boys that has included intervention in dealing with their ADHD. But something I have talked about much less because I don't want to be THAT mom, is that Timmy is also a very advanced kid. He knew he shapes and colors are about 10 months, wrote his name by 2 and currently reads above an 8th grade level in the second grade. He is by all accounts a gifted child. However, this fact will not be officially recognized until he's in third grade. But something I've also not really brought up here is that he might just BE IN third grade soon. Nothing is final by any means but at the beginning of the week he was given a few of the end of the year tests from their second grade curriculum. This testing was requested by the Superintendent of Curriculum in our school district after a meeting with our Principal and myself. It was a meeting I wish I'd have requested a year ago. When Timmy was in Kindergarten he spent the second half of the year spending half of his day with a first grade class because he Kindergarten teacher felt she had nothing left to teach him. But despite both teachers recommendation the idea of promoting him with that class to second grade was quickly squashed by the Principal. Now a full year later he is still spending a large chunk of his day doing work he was capable of completing several years ago. So I went tot he Superintendent for help. I did so with the intentions of being ope to any reasonable solution to meet Timmy's needs. SO now we're simply waiting to see how he did on these tests and what the Principal will feel is a good solution...

In the meantime, my son is learning spelling words that I have to verify are correctly spelled and yet only being given equal credit as his peers who are still spelling 3 and 4 letter words! Seriously, I'm a horrible speller! THANK GOD for spell check because you wouldn't have wanted to see this post without it!!!

Seriously though, I never imagined there would be so much fighting involved in parenting. I am NOT by nature a fighter! But regardless of the need, whether your child is struggling or excelling we are the ones that have to stand up and fight for them! What have you stood up for when it comes to your kids?


  1. I almost could have written this post myself. My middle child struggles with ADHD and academics isn't his best area of expertise. I've been in the school COUNTLESS times, trying to get someone to help us....Year after year, teacher after principal....I SO RELATE!

  2. They are all different for sure! I home schooled mine and I am SO glad I did. I don't think it's perfect for everyone but for us it was ideal. Josiah had some difficulties that caused him to be a very delayed reader (10) but because he was home schooled he never got labeled or shuffled into special ed. Hope the school is able, and willing, to work with you for the best situation for your child!

  3. I think the blond lady ought to be slapped twice for being so stupid.. Breast feeding a 5 year old? What is wrong with her? Though I don't strive for perfection from the boys, I do expect that they do the best that they can do. If they give it their all and fail at least they did it with honor and dignity. I hope for Timmy's sake that the right decision is made tomorrow and that he gets to move to a class where he is better fitted. By the way I love the "Fongu" gesture from the other Mom at the end of the video.... :)


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