Oct 20, 2010

Flannery Brothers are giving away another new album for FREE

To celebrate today’s release of The New Explorers Club, the Flannery Brothers are giving away another new album for FREE!   Dance Songs for Silly Kids is jam-packed with never before heard dance remixes of  favorite Flannery Brothers songs.   It’s a super fun album with a very different feel from previous Flannery Brothers CDs.  

The entire, 12-song Dance Songs for Silly Kids is available for free download at http://www.flannerybrothers.com.

The New Explorers ClubIf you like this album check out other fun albums from the Flannery Brothers such as  The New Explorers Club.  This is a great album of children's music. 

Go download Dance Songs 4 Silly Kids and get dancin' with your silly kids!!  I promise if are willing to get up and be silly with your kids there will be tons of giggles and fun!!  I am a HORRIBLE dancer but the sillier, the better with kids.

You can preview each song and download individual songs as well.  I highly recommend to take a listen to Dilly Bean's. 


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