Oct 25, 2010

Momma's Mix Tape Vol. 1

Just because it's Monday...some great music from the ladies of Musebox Music.

They call it their Momma's Mixtape. If you're a child of the 80s you'll recall the mixtape. Often made by recording your favorite songs from the radio and praying the DJ didn't talk over the end of the song!
MuseBox Momma Mix Vol 1 by musebox

1. We Were Lovers - "Partners In Crime" (www.myspace.com/wewereloversmusic)
2. Data Romance - "Swept Away" (www.myspace.com/dataromancemusic)
3. Allie Hughes - "Not The Stars" (www.myspace.com/alliehughes)
4. Megan Bonnell - "The Wind" (www.myspace.com/meganbonnell)
5. Ingrid Gatin - "How Did I Get So" (www.myspace.com/ingridgatin)
6. The Consonance - "Come The Day" (www.myspace.com/theconsonancegroove)
7. Nadia Von Hahn - "Love Maker" (www.myspace.com/nadiavonhahn)
8. Megan Bonnell - "Anaheim" (www.myspace.com/meganbonnell)
9. Allie Hughes - "Rolling Days" (www.myspace.com/alliehughes)
10. Sue Foley & Peter Karp - "So Far So Fast" (www.myspace.com/thehesaidshesaidproject)

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  1. this is SO GOOD. i hope they come up with more to follow it up.


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