Oct 23, 2010

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: Barnum's Funundrum!


An hour before show time, audiences can join Ringling Bros.® talented performers and learn new circus skills at the All Access Pre-show, FREE with your ticket!
o At the Free All Access Pre-show,Ringling Bros. acrobats, clowns and other accomplished athletic performers show young and old alike an awe-inspiring and action-packed approach to daily health and fitness.
o Audience members can get up close and personal with Ringling Bros. performers to take photos, get autographs and learn circus skills at theAll Access Pre-show.
o Circus-goers can meet some ofRingling Bros. majestic animals, see a pachyderm paint a portrait and learn more about Ringling Bros. commitment to elephant conservation at the All Access Pre-show.
o The All Access Pre-show is the only place where you can register for a chance to win a masterpiece created by one of Ringling Bros. artistic Asian elephants. 


Opening 90 minutes before show time, theRingling Bros.® Animal Open HouseSM is FREE to all ticketholders.
At the Animal Open House, visitors can learn about Ringling Bros. biggest stars, our Asian Elephants, and our commitment to animal conservation through informative kiosks, audio tours, or by asking one of our dedicated animal care team members.
* The Animal Open House is held only in select markets. To find out if there is anAnimal Open House in your market, please click here.

Visit Ticketmaster online here, for full list of locations.


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