Oct 18, 2010

Picking my battles

As the mom of three, I have to admit, I'm  MUCH pickier this time around when it comes to picking my battles.  
This weekend we had an event to go to where the boys were encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes.  So Saturday morning I had the boys try on their costumes.  Bryan is Iron Man this year and slightly in love with his costume.  He did NOT want to take it off.  We had a birthday party to go to before the costume event but I figured, heck he's 2.  No one will care.  So he wore his costume, all day.  When bedtime rolled around, he still didn't want to take it off.  I convinced him that he should at least ditch the outfit that was under it then so he didn't get too sweaty in it.  That was fine with him.  So he slept in the costume.  Sunday morning rolled around and he was still not ready to part with Iron Man. Eh.  Ok, we didn't have anywhere to be for awhile.  Then he wanted to go outside.  Visions of me needing to get another costume because this one could be warn out started filling my head.  But really, it was $11 and it seemed totally worth it for the joy he was having in being Iron Man. 
Finally, he decided he was done playing outside.  We went in and he told me he wanted Iron Man off.  Sweet!!  But then he didn't want to put any clothes on.  Again, I figured, we had to hours until we needed to leave.  So I let him run around like this until I was able to convince him that clothes sounded like a good idea so he could leave the house with the rest of us.

Yeah, I'm a push over.  But when I DO put my foot down, and say that something needs to be done, I stick too it.  I just don't put my foot down nearly as much with #3 as I did the other two.  And Timmy made it clear that he is noticing that.  He was giving me a hard time about Bryan wearing it for two days straight.  I pointed out that he did the very same thing at this age.  But he correctly pointed out that when he did it, it was AFTER Halloween.  Ah, details, details!  Nobody's perfect!

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  1. I think we all ease up to some extent as we move through the ranks!


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