Oct 19, 2010

I Heart Fall

I love fall! I love the colors! I love the smells! I love pumpkins and costumes and jumping in leaves. 

It's very possible that I love all this stuff more than my kids, but I don't think so.  I have lots of great memories from the pumpkin farm when I was little so if we don't make it to the pumpkin farm each fall I totally feel jipped.  So far this year we've only made a quick trip to a small local farm.  So I'm hoping to still get to our usual annual spot but I guess if we don't at least I can hold on to these few photos. 

This place has a corn maze but we didn't do it because it was already getting late-ish and I'd been through it before and well....I MAY have had some difficulty in making may way out successfully (there was a group of 6 or 8 of us so I wasn't the only one lost) without the help of the staff there preventing us from screwing up any longer because they were ready to go home for the night.

But we did take the hay ride which was amazingly educational!  And we saw 2 week old baby goats!  And the boys each bought and apple.  The we proceeded to leave and buy our pumpkins from the side of the road at a church for half the price! (Sorry but when you HAVE to buy three pumpkins $2 or $3 matters!)


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