Nov 30, 2010

30 Days of Truth, Day 30

Day 30: A letter to yourself: tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

Dear Me,
You know you are your own worse critic, but let's admit it, there is plenty to love about yourself.   Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, they say the eyes are the window to the soul and yours are pretty darn beautiful.  You are a good person, with a caring heart.  You are a loyal and dependable friend.  You are a hardworking woman, who does all she can to provide for her family.  You live life in a way that you should be proud of.  Your drive to create memories rather than just get through each day will leave a legacy, even after you are gone, that you and your family should be proud of.
Be kind to yourself,
PS you survived these 30 days of truth! Go You!

**In case you missed my post here, I am taking part in a challenge called 30 Days of Truth. Each day in November I will write about a given topic of truth as it relates to me.


  1. What an AWESOME post to end our 30 day journey. Thanks so much for holding my hand through it...I had alot of fun doing it and getting to know you a little better throughout! HUGS!

  2. It's so true! Congrats on making it through 30 days of reflective, I hope you feel fantastic:)


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