Nov 30, 2010

Toy Story Action Links

If you have a Toy Story fan in your Christmas list, I have a great holiday gift idea for you.

The new Toy Story 3 Action Links are a ton of fun. There are several different sets available and each come with at least one character figure to play with but additional characters can be purchased in 'buddy packs.'  We had a collection of the figures before I was introduced to the Action Links and the Buddy Pack would make great stocking stuffers all by themselves.

The fun part of the Action Links is that you can combine sets to create on long link that can be rearranged again and again for hours of fun.

Toy Story 3 Action Links Evil Dr. Porkchop Attacks Stunt Set is a simple set that was super easy to use and probably mine and Bryan's favorite.  With its easy set up and consistent action, it's a great one of the younger Toy Story fans. Check out this set in action just below the photo.

Toy Story 3 Action Links Jessie to the Rescue Stunt Set is a great set for the Jessie fans.  This set is fairly easy to us and was a BIG hit with the girls.

Toy Story Action Links Junkyard Escape is a fun set with the crane and conveyor belt but can be a little more frustrating for the littler kids to use, I'd suggest this one for 7 or 8 year olds and up.

Toy Story 3 Action Links Sunnyside Breakout Stunt Set took a little figuring out to start with but was actually a pretty easy to use set that was fun to watch.

But the greatest fun comes when you put them all together.  This is not the complete set obviously but it gives you an idea of what they look like when several of them are set up together.

Here are just a FEW of the buddy packs available. 


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