Nov 22, 2010

A Better World Is Coming

With the Holiday Season just around the corner, we are all thinking about ways to give back and improve upon the world around us.  This week, ToonUps, the uplifting animated software company, will be releasing a special Giving Thanks Facebook App.  This heartfelt app is free of charge and allows you to share positive feelings with others, just in time for Thanksgiving! Two main features of the app are the Gratitude Grotto and Positive Post.  Both are outlets to share the things you are grateful for, and to tell others you appreciate them as well.
This free, limited edition app will give you a glimpse into ToonUps’ larger Facebook game launch of A Better World next month.  A Better World is a fun and exciting game where players can do good deeds and get rewarded - allowing you to focus on the positives in your life, and even bringing in elements of real-world altruism.  Just by using the Gratitude Grotto and Positive Post, you will earn Do-Good Gold that can be used in the full game. Not only will you find it lifts your own spirits, it is a fun activity to share with your children.  Through A Better World, teach them the importance of giving back to their community and to appreciate the good in their own lives - all in the form of a game! 

 To see a little more about the game, you can visit

I checked out both parts of this app and I do really think its a great little app for this Thanksgiving season.  This weekend, my middle son asked if we could take time this Thanksgiving to take turns sharing the things we're thankful for and while I'm not sure we'll be doing it around the table on Thursday, simply because we'll be with A LOT of family, I want to make a point to do it.  I love that my kids know that they have a lot to be thankful and that they want to be sure they are expressing that. But I also know that sometimes, we don't always feel like we have so much to be thankful for.  If you find yourself approaching this holiday season, not feelign as Thankful as you should, consider checking out the Gratitude Grotto part of this app, where you can watch the tings that other are grateful flow down the stream.  I consider myself a fairly grateful person, but watching the words that others shared was inspirational.  From being reminded that I need to be thankful EVERY day for the men and women in our military (not just 4th of July, Veteran's Day etc) to a thought someone shared about being thankful for a certain singers music.  When I saw this, at first I thought, Is that really appropriate? But honestly, if we could be grateful for all the many small things like this in our lives, how much more positive would we be.  So I think it's great to be thankful for the music or movies or hobbies that we love.  If we are able to enjoy these types of things, we are certainly blessed and far better off than many in the world.

The other part of the app, Positive Post, allows you to send notes to your facebook friends.  What a better way to express our gratitude than to actually tell the people we're thankful for, just how we feel. When you do this, a message will be generated on their wall that you have sent them a message but I don't see that the message you share is visible publicly (but consider that anything done on facebook MAY be seen by others).

The full version of A Better World launches in December and looks to be similar to games I've previously played on FB, where you decorate a house and visit friends etc but with a positive twist.  I'll definitely be checking it out when it launches. 

Disclosure: I checked out this new app as part of a campaign from Global Influence to spread the word about it.  In return for trying it out and reviewing it, I will receive a gift card and game credits for the full version game.  However, all opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback and are not influenced by anyone.


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