Nov 2, 2010

Dinosaur Train All Aboard Game review

Dinosaur Train All Aboard Game
Pressman Toys
This new game from PBS Kids, features the characters from the show Dinosaur train.  The game is very similar to the classic, Chutes and Ladders as there are places you can advance or fall behind.  But it plays faster than Chutes and Ladders and less confusing for my kids because the track you tack forward or backward doesn't cross over other spaces.

The game is listed for ages 5 and up but assuming that the small parts are an issue for your younger kids, we played very successfully with my not yet 3 year old.  He can easily count to 6 he just needs a little help still with number recognition. Of course, one game is all I can get out of him before he just wants to choo-choo his piece around the board for awhile.  But I think for a 2 year old, its a great start.  Games like these are great for helping to teach them about taking turns.  I know a lot of parents think they are too young but trust me, they CAN get it, they just have to be shown. 
This is definitely a new fave in our house and I'm sure it would be in yours as well.

Disclaimer: We received this game compliments of PBS Kids, for review purposes but the opinions expressed here are my own honest, personal feedback.


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