Nov 9, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday, Timmy!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Timmy,
Happy Birthday to you

I can't believe it's been EIGHT years since you were born that crazy cold November weekend.  I should have known you'd always be handful as you started throwing me for a loop from the very beginning.  First bedrest, then demanding to come into the world 2 weeks earlier when I was less than prepared.  When I went to my 38 week appointment all by myself I didn't expect to be sent straight to the hospital to be induced! I ended up sitting in the hospital parking lot in tears as your father was stranded on a job site without a car and I could get a hold of no other family.  You started of ready to go before anyone else and you've stayed that way ever since.  You are amazing young man, strong, smart and determined beyond any other kid I've met. 
You have the best heart ever, with so much love and concern for others.  You are an amazing big brother, and a wonderful son.  I hope you truly understand all your strengths and know that you will honestly be capable of GREAT things if you stay this course.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!

(the above song is technically not public domain but until someone can tell me who I'm supposed to credit it to, I'm not worrying about it.)

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