Nov 8, 2010

Tune In Alert for Dinosaur Train and Sid the Science Kid New Episodes

Premiering the week of November 8
 “Let There Be Light” Sid and his baby brother Zeke are playing a game where they try to “grab” the light coming out of a flashlight, which proves to be impossible. At school, Sid and his friends explore the science of light and discover that light comes from various energy sources.  They also discover that there are some light sources that can’t be turned off, like the biggest light source of all…the sun!

“Discovering Darkness” On an early morning, Sid wakes up while it’s still dark outside.  Sid and his friends investigate and observe what happens when a light source is completely blocked--creating darkness.  It turns out everything stays the same in the dark, because darkness is just the absence of light…which means there’s nothing to be afraid of in the dark!

“Shadow Smile” After looking at his own shadow, Sid wonders why his shadow doesn’t smile when he does.  This leads Sid and his friends to investigate shadows at The Science Center.  They explore ways to create a shadow by blocking a light source and discover that shadows show shapes but not details like colors, stripes, or a smile!

“A Rainbow Every Day” After a rainstorm, the sun comes out and Sid spots a big rainbow in the sky.  He races inside to tell his parents, but by the time he brings them outside to see it, the rainbow is gone.  Sid and his friends investigate rainbows at school where they discover that rainbows can only form when light passes through water droplets. 

Premiering November 8
“An Armored Tail Tale!;” “Pterosaur Flying Club” - The Pteranodons tag along as Hank Ankylosaurus visits the Big Pond to scout a Dinoball talent named Eugene Euoplocephalus. Tiny and Shiny practice their swoop-de-loops and other flying moves in anticipation of their play-date with fellow Pterosaurs Petey Peteinosaurus and Quincy Quetzalcoatlus.


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