Dec 21, 2010

You ARE Creative!

As part of BlogHer's Own Your Beauty campaign, this week you can send this electronic postcard to a friend who might be in need of a little encouragement this time of year.  I am chosing to send it to all of you.
I can do this because I KNOW that you are ALL creative.  Whether you feel it or not, whether you OWN it or not, there is some way in which you ARE creative.  I think that discovering and really internalizing that fact was huge for me.  I always longed to be creative like other people.  I was always searching for my outlet.  Thing was it was always there, I just didn't see it in the right light.  When I created something, it was always imperfect. I was always embarrassed to share it.  I fell in love with both photography and writing in high school but I never did anything with it then.  It always felt terrifying to share my work!  What I've come to realize is that that was because it really was a piece of me.  To not have my work loved, was to feel not loved.
As I've grown up, mostly since having my own kids, I've realized that so many of us experience this same thing.  But I've also been surrounded recently by amazing ladies who've owned their creativity and began sharing it with others and learning the true joy of taking that leap and putting yourself out there.
Here are a few of my friends who are owning their creativity:

Katie's Capes and Crafts 

Star Creek Creations

Brylee's Boutique

Em & M Bows

taryn lisa Photography

 I love all these ladies a ton but they aren't superhuman, they have simply found their niche and been brave enough to share it with others.  I really believe that the world would be more beautiful and happier if we could all do that.  So what is your creative outlet?  Have you shared it with others?


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