Dec 17, 2010

You're a Good Shirt, Charlie Brown

Remember this photo for just the other day?  Well, I took the photo on Sunday.  When I shared this photo on Wednesday, he was still wearing it!  He is seriously addicted to Charlie Brown, we've been watching the Christmas specials we DVR'd a billion times a day.  He IS Charlie Brown.  So anytime we attempted to remove the ever grossening shirt, he freaked like we were ripping his heart out.
I consider myself a pretty strict parent. For the most part what I say goes!  But there is some slack in that line if I make a request versus deliver a direct "command" (I don't really like that word but I hope you know what I mean).  Unless we're attending a very special occasion, my kids have a lot of freedom to wear what they want.  You may recall Bryan wore his Iron Man costume to various events around Halloween.  But this shirt was getting pretty darn disgusting.
So last night, I mad a deal with him that I would wash it while he slept and he could have it back in the morning.  He was not thrilled, even after getting a nice warm Toy Story jammie shirt on, but he relented.
This morning, upon seeing me, his first words were, "Can I see my Charlie Brown shirt, Mom?"
So once again, he's wearing the Charlie Brown shirt, day 7 to be exact.  But it's clean again at least. And, can I just tell you how over the moon thrilled he was with his clean shirt this morning.  He literally bounced as he told me thank you for washing it and some other stuff I was unable to understand because he was talking SO fast because he was so excited! I think I might have to head back to Walmart where I bought this treasure and see if they have any left!


  1. My mother constantly criticized me for letting my son wear sagging pants. When my daughter was 2 she alternated wearing 2 Minnie Mouse outfits, one pink, one purple, for months! I picked my battles and neither of those were a big deal. Go buy another Charlie Brown shirt.

  2. LOL, At least it is is a cute shirt! My 11 year old has been hooked on his army pants since mid October. I have YET to see jeans or dress pants on him. Thankfully he has 4 pairs of them, so the is "almost" always one clean. Parents learn how to choose their battles....this isn't one of them :D Have you tried finding him some Charlie Brown material/pictures/etc? If you find the material, you can buy some of that "iron on/no sew stuff" and make him his own Personal shirt :D Good luck :D

  3. I know the feeling. I had to tell Little Miss that she was only allowed to wear her Vikings shirt to school 2/week. She was trying to wear it every day and ... we needed more variety. As much as we love the Vikings.

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