Dec 8, 2010

You'll Lose the Baby Weight book review and giveaway CLOSED

In case you've missed it, the holiday season is upon us.  This usually means moms are frantically busy taking care of shopping, decorating, baking, wrapping, cooking, hiding (presents that is not themselves...well, unless you count the occasional moment of peace in the bathroom).  But what it all boils down to is that moms usually spend even less time taking care of themselves than they usually do.  If that's even possible for some!

But if we don't try to slow down and do a little something for ourselves, not only do with risk running ourselves into the ground and ending up sick for the actual holidays, but often we begin to resent the holidays and all we do for everyone else.

So what are you doing for yourself this holiday season?  I know its not the ideal time to drop a ton of cash on the uber expensive trip to the spa for a full day of pampering that we really all deserve.  But how about snuggling up with a great book and a cup of hot chocolate, or coffee (if that's your thing, blech).

If this sounds great to you, I can TOTALLY help.  You see I'm giving away a super cool Tassimo T20 Brewbot by Bosch to handle that hot chocolate or coffee AND I'm giving away a copy of a great book for all mama's...You'll Lose the Baby Weight: (And Other Lies about Pregnancy and Childbirth).

You'll Lose the Baby Weight: (And Other Lies about Pregnancy and Childbirth)
Author, Dawn Meehan is a friend of mine and hysterical blogger and author.  She also happens to be the mother of 6, so she knows a  LITTLE about this whole pregnancy thing.  Whether you're expecting your first child or your 'baby' is already a teenager, this book with have you nodding along in agreement and literally laughing out loud.  What better way to treat yourself and relax this holiday season with some good belly laugh.
I love Dawn's honest take on what pregnancy and child birth are REALLY like.  Dawn pulls no punches in the comical but brutally honest view of all things pregnancy and labor related such as heart burn, insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, back aches, bladder control and labor pains!

Check out the clip below to see Dawn present some of the material from her book stand up style, from her book launch.

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18. Anonymous said...
My first pregnancy all I wanted to eat was grapefruit and chocolate milk - AT THE SAME TIME! Turns my stomach to think of it now! Pick me! (email removed)
(I promise I used a random number generator and her "pick me" didn't sway this selection!)

Contest ended 12/20/10!
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Disclosure:  The product(s) featured in this review was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. This review has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way. However, I am personally providing the giveaway copy as a holiday treat for my readers.


  1. Dawn is a Mom of 6 who skyrocketed to internet infamy after she auctioned off a set of Pokemon cards on ebay after a typical grocery store excursion with her 6 kids. She is an incredibly talented writer and her stories and her blog keeping me laughing on a daily basis. I would LOVE to win her new book.

  2. I can't remember any funny stories. I guess I haven't gotten my memory back yet. However, my nose got ginormous during my pregnancy. In addition to every other part of my body!

    I would love to win!

  3. MANDATORY ENTRY: My FAVORITE pregnancy story is when I found out I was pregnant and how I told my husband we were gonna be parents.
    I got a piece of paper and cut it down to 8 x 8. Then I wrote the words, "Baby On Board", on the piece of paper, the diamond way, just like the real signs, you know? When I ocmpleted the sign I taped it to my hubby's windshield so that he saw it when he went to work the next morning. I hated not telling him right away, but I felt he would enjoy this way a little more. Plus, it would make a great story to tell our daughter.

  4. My favorite story of my first pregnancy is MUCH funnier now that it is 8 years behind me! I was attending my cousins wedding and feeling really good about how I looked--I was about 6 or 7 months along. I had a cute baby bump and other great curves that I didn't have before I got pregnant. My legs hadn't swollen--yet! They made up for lost time a month or so later--talk about cankles! Anyway, I was wearing a really cute little black dress and thinking I looked so spiffy. As I was coming out of the ladies room, one of my cousins saw me and sprinted towards me (which I thought was odd since she was even more pregnant than I was). She grabbed the front of my dress and yanked. I had tucked the front of my dress into the waistband of my pantyhose, but I couldn't see over my belly.

  5. My favorite pregnancy story was of one of my professors in college. She had to have a C-section after being in labor for almost 24 hours, and the epidural people couldn't get her epidural to work, and the C-Section doctors were late!! UGH!!! It's a terrible story, but funny at the same time (especially since it wasn't me!) Merry Christmas!!

    Angela L.
    lasitera at yahoo dot com

  6. I have two children -- my first is 19 years old and my second is 17 months old. When I was pregnant the second time, people had the dumbest comments/questions. My favorite: "Did you do that on purpose?" My response: "Yes. We wanted to see how the first one turned out before we had another one."

  7. The book sounds facinating.. and the title perfect. :-) 3 years into it// and I am still figuring out motherhood...
    The funniest pregnancy story for me was... lying down in pain on the delivery bed, pushing per doctors orders... holding my husbands hand and telling me: "It will be okay honey... its just a little bit more!"

  8. So, I'm currently pregnant with our third baby. My oldest, our son, is 5.5 and very outspoken. As is the case with many pregnant women- I can be slightly "Gaseous". We were in the car last night and well, one thing led to another and from the back seat my son says, "MOM! It STINKS in here! Did you poop!?1" Not even considering that maybe, just maybe, his younger sister MAY have had an accident. It clearly HAD to be me!

  9. How about a "You'll lose the pregnancy weight" moment? It was the summer after I had had our third and we were discussing hips for some reason. My Oldest Boy asked what "hips" were and I said, jokingly - while pointing at them, "They're the biggest part on my body!" He said, "No they're not, Mommy! Your BUTT is!" Oh yes, he did.

    longdazeshortyears at zoominternet dot net

  10. Hmmm. . . OK this is one of my own. Its nursing and not pregnancy. I was chatting iwth a guy at the gym and all of a sudden he jumped backwards. I'd had a letdown and sprayed him with breastmilk--through my sports bra and workout shirt. I was mortified, apoligized profusely and went into hiding whenever I saw him again.

  11. I had to be induced a week after my due date. I waited as long as I could stand the pain before asking for an epidural (so as not to slow down the labor), which was great except that then I couldn't feel ANYTHING when it was time to push. I could tell one of the nurses was getting a bit annoyed at my lack of feeling. She kept saying, "All you're going to do is burst blood vessels in your face!" Finally, about 45 minutes later, the epidural started wearing off and I made some progress!

  12. My kids hated tomatoes during my pregnacies and they still don;t eat them and they are in their 20's!! Of course I was pregnant during tomato season :(
    angel2cook @aol . com

  13. I had a terrible dream in my first pregnancy where the baby was born and I was a terrible mother, so I decided to eat the baby and put her back in my stomach...except the problem was that a baby in the stomach is not a baby in the womb... and I knew that. (sorayay at

  14. oh boy, pregnancy story. when i finally told my third graders i was pregnant one of the boys said he thought i might be, since i was eating crackers all the time like his mom

  15. I have 5 kids - 4 of them are little 7 & under, the question of how the baby comes out comes up every time a new baby is coming. I've convinced them (for now at least) that the belly button hole is there for that reason (funny the boys don't then wonder why they have belly buttons - oh well). At least that explains why my belly gets bigger and bigger as I get further along in pregnancy - so the baby can get out easier ;) - hope I win (

  16. I was so proud of the fact that I gained only 12 pounds during my pregnancy (weeks 0 through 37). When I went into the doctor's office at week 38, the nurse weighed me on 3 different scales - in one week, I gained 17 pounds of water weight!!! I felt like the Michelin Man - so uncomfortable. At least my doctor was willing to move up the date she induced me by 2 weeks as a result!

  17. My first pregnancy brought on the tears any time my poor husband said something it seems. So we were getting in our car after church, someone went by and tooted their car horn at us, my husband turned to see who it was while I continued to get into the car but I knocked my head on the car roof, felled onto the seat and was laying down, holding my head, trying not to cry when my husband saw me and said "now what did I say"?

  18. My first pregnancy all I wanted to eat was grapefruit and chocolate milk - AT THE SAME TIME! Turns my stomach to think of it now!

    Pick me!

  19. I "like" you on FB!

  20. "Like"ing you on FB gives me 2 entries, right?

  21. I couldn't think of one but I read this one on the internet & thought it was pretty funny!!

    "I have a really funny after the birth of my oldest daughter story. I was going to college and I was nursing her at the time (she was 1 month old). I was sitting in a lecture hall. Somebody brought a baby to school and it started crying out in the hallway.....I sprang two leaks and soaked the front of my shirt! I was trying to cover my self with my backpack when the girl next to me looked over. Her eyes got so big! I ran out of class, ran across campus and drove home. That was so embarrasing."

    Oh how embarrasing!!

  22. My oldest kept asking me how I was going to get "that baby" outta there well one day the discovery channel had a show from conception to birth on and we watched it when she saw how babys come out she turned to me with tears in her eyes and said "Mom I dont think it's such a good idea to do this"

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. My sister peed her pants when she coughed right before she was due and I made fun of her and bought some depends. Well that night (and I'm 5 months behind her) I went to get in the shower, coughed, and peed on the floor. Karma :)

  25. When I was pregnant with my first I was 4 days over due and taking a bath in my TINY apartment bathtub. It was about 1am when I finished and the water was completely drained when I called for my husband to help me out. Turns out when you drain the water out of the tub, you get stuck! Anyway, I was yelling and screaming for him, and he wasn’t coming in to help me, so I started throwing everything I could reach at the closed bathroom door.

    Well I guess it was loud enough to get someone’s attention. At around 3am I heard a loud noise from the hallway followed by the bathroom door flying open. Through my stress and tears I saw someone that was NOT my husband…it was TWO police officers from our area that responded to a call about a possible “domestic”. There I was, naked and stuck in a bathtub….20 months pregnant and crying. The officers were nice enough to help pull me loose from the bath tub (which was not an easy task…mind you). They did a half assed job trying not to laugh…..but that wasn’t the worst part….

    Little over a year later, I was sitting in my Basic Patrol class at the local tech college (enrolled in Police Science, that was my first class during my first semester), when the teacher (whom looked VERY familiar) was talking about how you can never have a “typical Domestic call”. He then went to tell the ENTIRE class (18 men and ME) about his domestic call he received at 3am a week before Christmas, that ended up with having to pull a VERY pregnant woman out of the bathtub because she was stuck…..needless to say after class, he gave me a wink and asked me what I named the baby….I had never been so red in my life!

    My little police call….turned 10 yesterday….and he loves to hear the story about mom being stuck in the bathtub :D MommaRae23 at yahoo

  26. I loved reading everyone's funny stories. I am laughing so hard that I can't think of any funny stories of my own three pregnancies. Well, here is one that was definitely not funny at the time but might be funny now. I was due at the end of March with my third. In the middle of December I was at the store and a kind older lady asked me, "Christmas baby?" I was very upset and all I could say was "No, Easter baby."
    dnahamp at gmail dot com