Jan 27, 2011

Disney On Ice presents Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 3 was AWESOME!

Disney On Ice, is always an awesome show, but toss in such well loved characters as those from Toy Story and you have yourself a BIG hit with the kids.  

Last night we attended the opening night of Disney On Ice presents Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 3 in Chicago to what looked to be like a sell out (or very near) crowd.  We've been to several of these productions over the last year and this was the biggest crowd I've seen in the Allstate yet.  If you are local and have been considering this show, let me tell you, you don't want to wait another day to buy your tickets!!!

My littlest Buzz and Woody fan (see him over there on the left, yeah he's pretty cute, isn't he?) was awe struck the entire time.  From Buzz flying in to open the show and defeat Zurg to Lotso riding in in the dump truck, every moment was great.  I find it sort of iron that some our (my husband, mine and my oldest) favorite moments involved Ken and Barbie.  They not only have some funny moments but a AMAZING skate routine that will strike even the most reluctant ice skating 'fan.'   For Toy Story 3 die hards, know that the production isn't a recreation of the movie in full.  There are bits and pieces from all three movies, some added musical numbers, etc that do tell the general story of Toy Story 3, but you won't meet Molly or any of her toys (like Mr Prinklepants).  But you WILL have a blast.

If you haven't gotten your tickets, you might consider attending at the United Center, as they now offer free parking (in their OFFICIAL lots) for family shows AND with the huge crowd last night we found it a little difficult to navigate our way out in Allstate's smaller corridors which is a little nerve wracking for me with small kids! But still still totally worth it but thoughts to consider if you're deciding between the two venues!

Scroll down for a great promotional price on tickets and a fun coloring sheet!!

Find tickets online HERE!

Then print this coloring page for your kids to enjoy (click on the image to get the full size printable version).

Disclaimer: Our family received complimentary tickets to this show courtesy of Feld Entertainment for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback and I was in no way required to write a positive review.


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