Jan 27, 2011

Do American Idol Backstories Win?

I have been a regular American Idol winner since day ONE. Each season there has been a little change here and there, with this season's judges being the biggest yet. I have to admit, I was ready to hate this season, even though I love both of the new judges, I couldn't imagine the show without Simon. Honestly, these audition shows aren't the same with out Simon's silver tongue. But I still love it. I love the love the emotion of the show this year.
But I'm left to wonder, as much as I enjoy the back stories of many contestants, has it gotten to the point that we're picking our winners based on their stories?

It seems a contestant from this year, Chris Medina (a local to my area woohoo) has already won in the heart of many AI fans. If you haven't seen it, take a moment to watch this clip and see why.

Chris is an amazing person. I would personally love to see him win purely to have the opportunity to tell my boys about his story and let them see such an inspiring role model of what a man should be.

But part of me wonders if this isn't defeating the purpose of the show? Are we choosing our favorite people instead of our favorite singers?

You may recall Big Mike from last year who's story of missing his daughter's birth to be in Hollywood touched many.

As well as many others who've had inspiring and heartwarming stories featured over the years. Some contestants in the past have claimed that they were doomed from the start because of a lack of feature time in these early episodes. So what do you think? Are viewers being swayed by these back-stories? Do you think its right, or do you care?


  1. I think the backstory gives the contestant a voting leg up as it were, but I still believe it comes down to the voice. Can they carry a tune across genres of music? Can they perform? Can they move us when we hear them sing? I was touched immensely by Chris's story, but I was even more pleased that he could sing and I watched Jennifer's face when he hit the high note. I could tell she was concerned as to whether he was going to pull it off. I also watched Steven's face, he was also impressed. I think Chris will go far in this competition. Will he win it? That is hard to tell at this point, until he comes up against the other contestants and we are able to compare.

  2. Yeah, I saw that too and while his story is amazing and brought be to tears...I agree that it shouldn't influence the show. I'm just glad that he COULD sing...

  3. I am watching this tonight as I am dying to know what the hype is. Since he is from my hometown, my mom said my brother knows him and the girl that he talks about (she didn't want to spoil the story for me).


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