Jan 14, 2011

Ecoist.com M 'n M Handbag review

The “fashionista” on your list will love her colorful clutch made from M&M’S candy wrappers. They’re at http://www.ecoist.com with prices beginning at just $19. It’s a fun gift, plus the partnership between M&M’S and Ecoist prevents more than 5 million candy wrappers from going into landfills each year.

The ecoist.com features many other great items made from other recycled goods...
such as this poptop clutch

or this adorable handbag made from CocaCola wrappers
or this same style clutch made from magazine pages for a truly one of a kind piece.

When I received the offer to do this review I was immediately drawn in.  I was a purse girl prekids BIG TIME.  But since kids my purses are more function than fashion for sure.  But sometimes, like those rare date nights, I miss having a cute purse that makes a statement about me besides "Hi, I'm a mom!

Now the bag I receieved is ADORABLE!  It is small, so it definitely isn't for the pack mule times when 'm taking the kids out and about and stuff misc who knows what into a purse.  But it's the perfect size for an evening out!  And my favorite thing is that it has a decent sized strap so it can actually go over my shoulder.

Please excuse my less than perfect photos I took with my phone.  But seriosuly how cute is that!!?!?!

Now, please, don't ask me how they do it because despite having one in my hot little hand I can't figure it out.  It's definitely about the folding and weaving but it's entirely too cute risk ruining it by pulling or poking too hard just to find out.  There is a TINY gap in one of the corners of mine but its not big enough that anything would fall out or even show through.  It's very secure.
If you are a true green queen, you will want one of these adorable pieces of recycled art.  I'm in love with it and despite hubby attempts to convince me of all the younger girls we know who'd love it, its MINE.  And now I'm just waiting for the perfect night on the town to really show it off!!
This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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  1. OH, I love these and want to learn how they make them. Wow, very cute.


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