Jan 11, 2011

You Win Some, You LOSE Some

Last night while the boys were enjoying some of the last of the Christmas Chocolates, Johnny exclaimed that he's lost a tooth.  since we'd just asked about it's wiggliness the day before and he said he wasn't able to turn it yet I figured it was still days, if not weeks out yet.  But there it was on the table. 

I mean, its time, beyond time really since he just had his 7th birthday.  But I still wasn't' totally ready.  I HAVE a special, handmade and personalized tooth pillow for him....I'm just not sure WHERE it has gone in the year and half or so that I've had it!  Luckily he was too damn excited to care that we could find HIS pillow and he was confident that the smart ole Tooth Fairy would not be confused if we put his tooth in his brother's pillow.

And thankfully, after more than a few Tooth Fairy foul ups, I didn't forget this one.  He is THRILLED with his $2.  And I am in love with his new wholey smile!!! (His hair however, is another story courtesy of IL weather and the need for a hat.)


  1. I LOVE how cute they are with missing teeth! He looks so thrilled about it!

  2. My son was a late "loser" too. Too cute!


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