Feb 21, 2011

Happy Presidents Day from Brain Quest

Brain Quest Presidents: 850 Questions and Answers About the Men, the Office and the TimesToday is Presidents Day. How much do you know about your world? Test your knowledge with an online Presidents Brain Quest Challenge quiz. Kids can also send an e-card .

It's the upside: Which President doubled the size of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase? The downside: Who found himself in hot water with the Teapot Dome Scandal? And the fun stuff too: How does a President get take-out pizza? It's the story of America's leaders, and of America herself. Test yourself, test your friends, your parents, how about your teachers with
Brain Quest Presidents.

It is indeed President's Day, but my boys will be in school today thanks to our snow days.  But at least that should give them a great opportunity to wow their teachers with their Presidential knowledge.  Although this particular Brain Quest challenge is listed for kids ages 9-12, I was surprised by how much my 8 year old knew.  He blew my knowledge out o the water for sure!!  

We have loved Brain Quest since the boys were very little.  When I was first introduced to them I thought the boys would be bored with them after a time or two but they will still occasionally do the preschool ones, even though they are clearly more advanced than that.  We did many of the Presidents Brain Quest together but then each of the boys grabbed one and went off to do some more questions.  It works well for doing together or on their own.  And I loved that this edition includes such a variety of questions from more current to the first president and a little bit of goofy trivia to break it up too.  I mean do YOU know which president gave his new bride 50 pairs of old socks?  My kids do...now.


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