Feb 21, 2011

Monday Mingle, 2/21/11

This week’s questions {week of 2/21/11}:
1.  How do you compile grocery list – by an inventory, or writing things as you run out?

Grocery List??? You mean, people actually still use those? LOL Ok seriously I do, sometimes use one. Usually when I send hubby to the store I do one. I even try and write in order by store layout.  But I very rarely use one when I go.  Which is why I rarely remember everything I need.  But when I DO make one, its written right before going based on what I need to get.  I'm not organized enough to add things to a list as we run out and then actually find that list!

2.  At what age do you plan on retiring (or your spouse retiring)?

I would love to retire at 35, you know like that show.  But since that's a year and a half from now and our savings is nonexistent that's so not happening.  At this point I think I'll never retire, especially if changes aren't made with social security etc.  And considering hubby is about to turn 50 and just started school for a new career...it's not looking good for him either.

3.  What do you plan on doing when you retire?

I have always said it'd be fun to breed dogs when I retire.  A way to keep 'babies' in the house and make a little money. I don't know if that's realistic at all.  But think it would be fun.  Not like a puppy mill or anything, just a few puppies every now and then.  But I have no intentions of retiring and moving away.  If my kids all remain local, I will stay put to be close to them and hopefully some granddaughters! (Grandsons would be great too, but please oh please could I just get one grandDAUGHTER!?) 

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  1. Hello! You sound like me - except I'll be the old crazy cat lady! I would love to take in some homeless animals and give them happy lives.

    I do hope you'll get to retire one day :(

    You are brave to shop with no list! LOL - I have to be very specific when I send my husband to the store. And even then he still calls home with a thousand questions...

    Thanks for mingling!

  2. Breeding dogs is a great way to retire! You get the "babies" and the income however breeding can become a headache with all the puppy booster shots and wormer and what not.

  3. Great to meet you Lisa. No grocery list? You must have a super memory, 'cause I'd come home and remember like 4 things I'd forgotten. As for SS, I'm with you. I think by the time I come to retirement age the US of A will have been sold to China...and why is it that all "babies" come with so much responsibility? But puppies would be adorable :D Thanks for mingling, have a fantastic week.

  4. I do that same thing when I send hubs to the store for me :) I thought I was the only one! Have a great week!

  5. Ooh I'd be lost without my grocery list. Err lists in general, I suppose ;)
    How cool that your husband is starting school again! I wish him luck. Hopefully you'll get to retire... and if not that at least enjoy some quality time together :)
    Breeding dogs might be fun!

    Have a great week :)

  6. Ha, I've sent my husband to the store with a list by layout. It didn't work. He spent $98 and none of us what I needed. LOL

    Dogs and babies, cute cuddly and in soooo much trouble.

    Have a great weekend.


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