Feb 7, 2011

I Heart Commercials

Honestly, I hate commercials and thanks to our DVR I watch them less and less.  However, when it comes to the insanely prices commercial spots that appear during the Super Bowl, I can't help but be drawn in.  Often, I think it's a bit like passing a car accident you can't look away from, where I am left wondering...Who in their right mind approved THAT at a zillion dollars a second!!!  This year was no exception.

I'm no advertising expert, but I sat watching the game and commercials, phone in hand tweeting like a crazy woman.  So much so that I actually missed many of the highly talked about commercials and had to scout them out online.  It was a whole new look at what someone on Twitter coined #BrandBowl.

My favorite was this Pepsi MAX ad.  I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I am a long time Pepsi lover, but I think I liked this one because I could TOTALLY see this being ME.  It's just how much luck goes.

At a close second comes this adorable VW commercial, that as the mom of THREE Star Wars lovers, I can't help but love!  I think this is great branding for a company looking for the family market!  And it's getting tons of buzz. 

My honorable mentions would be this Doritos commercial which I could only identify with if it were for chocolate. And the Ozzy and Bieber commercial which I have to say isn't such a marketing win, since I'm not even sure who the ad is for without rewatching but I found funny because I think Ozzy and Sharon are hysterical and although I love bopping to Baby as much as 30something possibly could, I'm otherwise not impressed with The Bieb!

I know many were looking forward to the ETrade commercial based on past successes but I wasn't overly impressed.

And then there are two that will stick in my memory well because of my kids reactions.  First there was the Coke commercial which had my 7 year old giggling all the way through, but then saying "I don't get it!" When it was over.  THAT cracked me up.  Then he added, "I mean, what kind of battle is THAT?"  God, I love my kids!  Sorry Coke, this one was a total fail as far as my kid is concerned.

And Faith Hill and Teleflora left me explaining to my 8 year old son what a "rack" is.  Thank you very much.  I hope one or both of them saved a few dollars to help me pay for this kids counseling since I tried to make light of it by randomly telling each of the men/boys in my house they had incredible racks for the remainder of the game.

And finally I think the biggest fail was from Groupon whom enraged many of its previous fans with a series of twisted commercials.  I have to admit, the last one (with Elizabeth Hurley) made me laugh like CRAZY the first time I saw it, but the other two were just jaw dropping to me.

If you have an opinion on your favorites you can go vote on them at Youtube.

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  1. The Doritos one made me laugh so much! Thanks for that. It's totally my kind of humor. LOL


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