Feb 14, 2011

Not Me Monday, 2/14/11

It has been awhile since I've done a Not Me Monday.  Most people seemed to have stopped doing them too, which is sad because I like the time to NOT confess how perfectly imperfect I am.

But today I couldn't pass up the chance to NOT share with you all how great I am.

This morning, as we began the usual trek towards the door for work and school, my oldest child did NOT have serious difficulty finding his gloves.  We did NOT check his back pack, coat pockets, living room, office, and bedroom for said gloves.  We did NOT then search the van AND the car with no luck.  I did NOT at any point make comment about how we wouldn't have this problem if 'people' would put their stuff away consistently.  And I did NOT give up and give him another pair despite the warming tempatures because I didn't want him to hear about how his parents obviously don't care about him if they sent him to school with no gloves.  I did NOT drop said child off after threatening life and limb if he didn't return home today with BOTH pairs of gloves in hand.

No, none of this happened. I mean, I'm the kind of mom who keeps a clean and organized house and has taught her children how to keep their stuff neat and put away.  We never spend time in the morning stressed out over missing items.  And IF we did, I would of course remain calm, cool and collected at all times.  I mean what good comes from being freaked out about it, that's so not my style.  And I never throw out idle threats to my children to 'inspire' them.  No I speak deal only in pleasantries and rewards!

AND of course, I did NOT get to work only to find a little something extra in my purse.  See that photo up there is NOT my son's gloves peaking out of my purse, where I put them while we were at the museum yesterday. Oh no, IF they were I totally would have remembered they were there before I got to work. 
I have no reason to apologize profusely to said child when I get home...again...for my lack of brain power!


  1. That right there is me times a million. Oops.

  2. Oh wow, that's awkward when it ends up being your own fault!

    I actually didn't know Not Me Monday was still in existence. I used to do it every week.

  3. Why did the NMM ever end? Jennifer stopped doing them and it is sad. I loved joining in once in awhile and reading others. Thanks for doing one!

  4. Hee hee!! Gotta love Monday mornings! :)


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