Mar 4, 2011

America Got It Right, American Idol Top Ten

Last night the 24 finalists from American Idol were cut down to 13.  I have to say I was surprised when the judges saved 3 contestants to create a top 13. But I don't know why I was surprised, after all these years I should know to expect anything. The top 10 as decided by the American vote was pretty darn spot on, in my opinion!  I would have swapped Naima for Karen based on my personal preference but otherwise, I was pleased.  Check out my recaps of the Top 12 Girls and Top 12 Guys to see that all my faves made it!

1. Scotty McCreery

2. Lauren Alaina

3. Pia Toscano

4. Karen Rodriguez

5. Jacob Lusk

6. Casey Abrams

7. Thia Megia

8. Paul McDonald

9. Haley Reinhart

10. James Durbin

And then the judges picked 6 contestants; Naima Adedapo, Ashton Jones, Stefano Langone, Kendra Chantelle , Robbie Rosen, and Jovany Bareto; to all sing for their lives.  They then saved:
Ashton Jones 
Stefano Langone
Naima Adedapo

I am glad they gave Naima another shot but I will be disappointed if any of the top 10 go home before Ashton of Stefano.

What Are WordsAnd just after the show our local news featured Chris Medina, who you will may remember was cut at the last round who is a local guy for us.  His story sparked my post Do American Idol Backstories Win? Clearly the answer to that question for this season, or for Chris Medina was no!  But I do still think Chris is a winner in many people's books.  He is an amazing guy with an amazig heart and because of that, many are stepping up to help him and his fiance.Check out the clip to see how Ryan Seacrest, Proactiv and Topher Grace all are stepping up to support this amazing man.  And if you can help too, I didn't know until I watched this story that Chris had a single available for download.  Check out What Are Words on and iTunes.

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  1. I think Chris Medina's back story actually ended up hurting him. Maybe Fox thought it would swing the votes too much, but I think his voice deserved to be in it to win it.

    I would have been happy if they'd picked all guys and eliminated all the girls. The guys as a whole were far better I thought. There's a couple girls who are ok, but for the most part I wasn't seeing much out of them.


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