Mar 1, 2011

Mega Blocks Domino Build game review

My kids LOVE blocks.  Since my oldest got his first set of Mega Bloks for his first birthday 7 years ago, we've always had some sort of building blocks around.  For the most part my youngest has skips the need to keep smaller blocks out of his reach for safety reasons.  But small pieces are just harder for little pudgy hands.  So while he plays with the mini figures of the other brands. If he's building, its a larger age appropriate block.
At 3 years old, he is really just beginning to have the patience for games where he must actually wait his turn.  He's clearly the baby of the family and a little spoiled, but we're working on it.  To avoid conflict with his brothers just he and I played this new game from Mega Bloks, Domino Build.  As soon as he saw the box, I couldn't get it open quick enough for him.  Between the adorable animals and the fact that it was BLOCKS, he was too excited.  So I quickly popped out the pieces and read through the instructions.  They are pretty easy.  It's like dominoes, match up the ends of your dominoes to the ones that have been played.  But Mega Bloks makes it easy by starting with just 2 dominoes and if you don't have a playable piece you simply pull on more to try and match as opposed to grabbing domino after domino and then hoping you can play them all.  In this game each time you are able to play, you get one of your four animal pieces.  It's super quick which is GREAT for those who are just learning, or who struggle with waiting for their turn in slower paced games.  The instant gratification of getting a animal piece helps keep them interested and the desire to finish their animal keeps them playing.  To also help with young players frustration level there are several wild card piece that can be matched to any other domino. 
This game gets two big thumbs up from our household as they clearly thought out this game with both kids and moms (or dads) in mind.  The only hard part of the game was convincing him that we needed to put the animal blok pieces away so we didn't lose them and could play the game properly the next time!  (Really wasn't that hard once I explained it that way.)

Product Features

  • Preschool game
  • 4 block builds
  • 11 zoo animals featured on dominos
  • Includes: 16 maxi bloks, 30 domino tiles, and 1 instruction sheet
  • 2-4 players

  • Manufacturer recommended age: 36 months - 6 years

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Mega Bloks Domino Build Game utilizes simple domino and building game play to introduce multiple skill sets such as colors, numbers, matching, motor skills, etc. Players collect animal blocks after correctly matching domino tiles. Be the first player to collect all 4 animal part blocks and assemble your animal to win.
Information from

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  1. We just got these today and my kids are loving them so far!!! They are great!

  2. Sounds like a fun game for younger children. I am sure mine would love it too.

  3. What an absolutely fabulous toy - I must admit we are 'VERY' partial to LEGO - but this looks like a fun toy/game

  4. That looks like so much fun! His face says that it was! I like how they make it very simple to start too.

  5. my grandsons love blocks & building things. they have a lot of mega blocks & legos but none with the animals/dominoes on them, I bet they would love them! Faythe @ GMT

  6. I love these, would be great for the daycare kids. Looks like fun.


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