Mar 10, 2011

My First Vlog

Yeah, my first Vlog ever. I really want to delete it because I sooo don't like the way I talk or how crazy my eyes are BUT I'm not going to. So here it is, me in all my weirdness.

EDITED TO ADD: I reuploaded the video, it's not much longer, it was a quick one.   I am also doing part 2 and have a TON of photos and full details coming!!

Disclosure: The Abbey Resort hosted this complimentary getaway but all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I can only see 40 seconds. I want to hear all about your spa getaway!!!

  2. Hmm.. Yeah something is messed up - I'm not sure if its your video or my computer! your face is moving in Fast Forward and I only heard until you said that you're at the spa.

    BUT. I'm jealous either way..! Sounds like fun! Tell them they can send me next, I'm in MN! :)

  3. For some reason the video is playing in fast forward. I do know what you are saying about videos. I did a video review and wanted to take it out of the post lol.

  4. Way to get out of your blogging box and try something new! But yes ---:: like the others said, it was kind of like watching a dubbed foreign film, your words did not match your lips!

  5. You are absolutely adorable! I love your hair short!

  6. You're so cute! It's so fun to be able to put a voice with a face and a blog!


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