Mar 27, 2011

Sock Loss Protesters Hit the Streets

Local Laundry Reform Protestors Take a Stand 
Latest L.O.S.S. Sock Demonstration Draws Crowd, Cops at Hoboken Laundromat

HOBOKEN, NJ- March 14, 2011- Following a recent swell of support across the country, local members of L.O.S.S. were out in full force yesterday afternoon spreading their message of laundry reform and speaking out against sock loss.

“I mean, like, I couldn’t just stand by,” says Rain Schwartz, L.O.S.S. Activist of the Month and founder of the Wood-Sock festival. “Once I realized what was happening to the socks, I had to get involved, spread the word, and fight the vicious cycle, you know?”

The protestors, led by mustachioed L.O.S.S. Community Leader Bert Summers, spent hours on the streets handing out flyers and talking to members of the community about the sock loss epidemic. The group could be heard chanting for “a kinder wash and dry” and to end “the spin cycle of sadness”. 
“As a mother, I feel compelled to work towards a more sock-positive future,” says Penny Murphy-Rizzo, a local supporter of L.O.S.S. “I’m here today because I don’t want my kids to grow up in a world where socks are mistreated, or even worse, a world with no socks at all.”
Though the mock protest was peaceful, local police (it wasn't actually the real police, we swear) arrived on the scene in response to a call from an anonymous neighborhood source. Shortly after their arrival, Hoboken police cuffed and arrested protest leader Bert Summers on a permit-related violation (turns out holding a missing sock is not a sufficient permit). Mr. Summers was subsequently fined and released after being subjected to “a classic good cop-bad cop interrogation.”


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The Connection between L.O.S.S. and GE Appliances
This new breed of entertainment is GE’s creative way of showcasing the benefits of their frontload and topload Profile washers and dryers, while keeping it fun.
“We want this L.O.S.S. site and video to be a share-worthy online experience for folks, especially since everyone has encountered the missing sock phenomenon,” says Jennifer Schoenegge, product manager, clothes care at GE Appliances.
Get involved, share the experience, and you may be rewarded with a year’s supply of Tide® detergent or a free GE Profile laundry pair.  Each person that interacts with the campaign and forwards it to their personal network enters themselves into a sweepstakes. 
Let’s keep our socks together.  They’ve been together since the beginning and with GE; they can be together through to their holey-heeled demise. 
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