Mar 31, 2011

Top 11 Perform (again) on American Idol

This week the Top 11 take on Elton John tunes for American Idol.  (Remember we still have eleven contestants because the judges used the save on Casey Abrams last week.  I also wanted to note that according to TMZ, there might have been more behind Abrams extreme reaction to the judges using the save than just his shock and relief.  TMZ reports here that he received a blood transfusion just that more.)  

Who are your favorites?  And even more importantly, what did you think of Ryan Seacrest's hair?  Am I the only one who thinks he doesn't look right in that 'do?

Casey Abrams
Casey had a lot to prove this week.  He chose "Your Song" to try to do that.  He also cleaned up his look...FINALLY!!  I don't think he did that well.  Even my husband, who's been a fan of his since day one, wasn't really feeling it so much!!  The judges didn't agree though, they loved it.

Haley Reinhart
Haley chose "Benny and the Jets" which I thought was a pretty curious chose.  All I can imagine is Elton John singing that one note...but I think it actually showcased her growly bluesy sounding voice well.  I think she moved around the stage very awkwardly this week.  But overall I think she did well.

James Durbin
James did "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" and I don't know if it was one of his best performances vocally.  But he definitely worked the crowd and the stage, as always.  He's still one of my top favorites for sure!!!!!  I mean who lights a piano on fire on American Idol!?!?

Jacob Lusk
Jacob chose "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" which he actually knew from Mary J Blige.  He had a ton of feeling, as always.  I love the sounds of his voice, but I didn't love the song choice for him!

Lauren Alaina
Lauren had some serious guts to take on the Billboard's top selling single ever, "Candle In The Wind."  She put a bit of a country spin on it and did a good job with it.  I think this was one of her best performances yet.  She is currently my favorite girl in the competition!!

Naima Adedapo
Naima took "I'm Still Standing" and totally changed the sound.  She gave it a very reggae feel which the producer they work with pointed out would be hard to pull off vocally.  I actually like reggae music every now and then but I didn't love this song.  She didn't pull it off in my book though. 

Paul McDonald
Paul McDonald chose "Rocket Man," even though he admits that his band covered it previously and it sucked...I don't know if I'd say it sucked.  But it definitely didn't have the power that that song is capable of having. 

Pia Toscano
Pia came off pretty cocky to me in the performance clips before she sang "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me."  This a huge song and she has the power for it but I just wasn't feeling it from her tonight.  But the judges disagreed. 

Scotty McCreery
Scotty managed to find a country song from Elton John.  This wasn't a song I knew but I liked seeing him with the guitar and keeping to his own personal style.  This song didn't have a lot of the real low notes in it and I liked hearing the upper end of his rang.  He did a great job and then just sealed the deal with that low note at the very end!

Stefano Langone 
Stefano took his bottom three position from last week very much to heart.  I think he was really reaching in picking "Tiny Dancer" though.  I give him credit for the effort but I just think that there could have been a much better song selection for his voice!

Thia Megia
Thia sang "Daniel."  I think she did a nice job and put some good feeling into it.   I thought she was really going to cry before the song ended.  But I simply don't think it was enough to keep her safe.

 So which two Idol contestants do YOU think will be sent home this week? 
Photos and videos courtesy of American Idol online.


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