Mar 25, 2011

What Did You Think of the American Idol Results Show

Did you watch American Idol last night?  If not, you might want to skip this post until you do.  It's ok, it'll be here, go watch it and come back. 

Ok, so now that you've watched it, what did you think?  First of all, I'm curious to see what everyone thought of the show it's self which featured Stevie Wonder surprising Steven Tyler with birthday wishes and Hulk Hogan surprising James Durbin who is a huge WWE fan.  I thought the feeling of this show was totally different than anything we've ever seen on previous seasons.  It goes along with the softer feel this whole season has had and I kind of liked it.  I like seeing the contestants goofing around in the house and getting a glimpse of their personality off stage.  My husband however, was not digging the 'cheese' factor.  He wants someone to bust out with some Simon'esq criticisms and for someone to be told they were dreadful.  What did you think?

And what about the results from the 30,000 million votes?  Were you shocked?  After 10 seasons, I don't think we really should ever be shocked.  This certainly isn't the first time a supposed 'favorite' hit the bottom three.  But I have to say when I saw this line up for the bottom three, I thought I knew for SURE who was going home.
Casey Abrams

Thia Megia
Stefano Langone

I assumed, Thia would be done.  But when she was the first to be let off the hook, I had a feeling it would be Casey.  I then assumed that the judges would use their one save of the season on him. But when he barely even started his song before they cut him off I was surprised.  I can't believe how shaken up he was though. I thought he might literally throw up right there on the stage.

Photos courtesy of American Idol online.

Just don't forget that the use of the save means that TWO contestants go home next week so you'll want to make sure you vote for your favorites on American Idol. 


  1. I think that they are going for a softer feel this year and I have to admit, I like it. I really thought when Simon Cowell left the show, wow-boy, it just wouldn't be the same.

    Yes, I do think that the new judges could get a little tougher in their remarks. I could do without Steven Tyler's repetitive remarks, 'that was awesome!'. He needs to dig a little deeper in his analysis of each performance. I mean, they are paying him the big bucks and all!

    I was surprised Casey was it last night, but Seacrest said that there was a surprise in the voting so I knew that a favorite was going down. So glad that Casey didn't faint on stage. Yikes, we don't need that kind of drama! Stephano would have been my selection last night.

    Scotty is one of my favorites this year, but there are so many talented contestants in the group it hard not to root for them all!

  2. I liked it…I'm not an expert, but I love the judges and everything overall this season.

  3. I thought he was going to pass out!


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