Apr 23, 2011

Creating Art

Art is everywhere in our house.  Some of that being crayon and sharpie on the wall.  But also intentional art and art supplies to be used appropriately too.  At least one of the boys is drawing pretty much every day.  Sometimes their work is silliness.  But sometimes if you look closer, you can find some great hidden gems.

The other day Johnny brought me this Easter themed art to look at.  Please note that the large animal in the center is actually a Easter Bunny (duh) not a bear, like I thought!
This piece features an Easter Bunny, baby chick, Easter basket and Easter egg and of course candy (chocolate bar on the left and jelly beans upper right).  I was about to ad this page to the ever growing pile of art that forms each week, when I noticed this small piece of the creation.  It is an Easter egg in the process of being 'painted.'   Maybe it's just me but I LOVED the thought and detail behind this small little treasure with his creation.

I have taken to photographing the pieces of art that I love because we'd need a second house just to keep it all other wise.  How do you keep the masterpieces your kids create?


  1. How old is this artist? So smart! And so creative to think of drawing a half painted egg is amazing! I admit I kept it all in original form but military life took it on a kill and destroy mission with every move we made so you are wise.


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