Apr 23, 2011

Rocket Town Book Review

What do little boys like even better than trucks or trains? Rockets!
In this fun departure from the traditional board book themes for boys, Bob Logan’s Rocket Town tells the story of an astronaut and his canine companion as they drive an old pickup through Rocket Town—an amazing town filled with, yes, rockets!

Each colorful spread sports an eye-dazzling array of rockets, from big to small, fast to slow, practical to extremely silly—a taxi rocket, a police rocket, a school bus rocket, and even a rocket that looks like a shark! The final pages are a countdown to blastoff that is sure to thrill young readers.

Author and illustrator Bob Logan has worked as a story artist on feature animations such as Madagascar and Open Season, as well as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and is currently working on the upcoming Puss in Boots! Logan’s picture book, The Sea of Bath, charmed readers with fun and sweet illustrations, and Rocket Town will delight parents and children alike with colorful and imaginative rockets. The Pasadena Star News called it “...a blast for children ages 1 – 5... Simple text and retro-pop illustrations make the journey one kids (and parents) will want to take again and again.

My Thoughts:  
This is a fun little board book that I'm sure not only boys but all kids would love.  I love the bright colors and energetic illustrations.   The book covers some opposites (up/down, big/small) as well as counting in an engaging way.  This is a book that Bryan wanted my to read again and again.  He had a lot of fun helping me count down and excitedly yelling BLASTOFF!! 


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