Apr 1, 2011


OMG, I don't know how this happened! I mean, I KNOW how it happened but...we've been careful.  But best laid plans I guess....looks like we're expecting....again!!

Dude, did you fall for it??  Ha ha ha ha ha ha! April Fools!  This photo is from when I found out Bryan was on the way!

Did you, or do you plan to 'fool' anyone today?  My boys have been waiting days for a sleepover tonight with one of their cousins.  I guess when they slept over at her house they pulled silly pranks on each other all night.  Yesterday Timmy asked if he could pull a April Fools Day prank on her while she was over.  I said yeah as long as it wasn't mean or would hurt anyone or anything, they could attempt a prank. 

This morning while in the middle of getting ready I popped out of the bathroom and announced that I'd just remembered I'd committed to doing something else tonight and we'd have to call off the sleepover.  When the chorus of "aw"s started, I told them, "April Fools!"


  1. This is flippin' hysterical!!! Seriously! I woke my boys up and told them school was canceled because of the snow....APRIL FOOLS. They were pretty unhappy, but it made my day1!!

  2. too funny, I wish I could use this prank but sadly i have done it so many times before that noone believes me

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    Have a great day!

  4. I freaking hate you
    LOL!!!! You suck Lisa! I totally clicked over from Facebook and was all excited and stuff.....

    I am an April Fool

  5. LOL, you got me ;)

    I'm not good at April Fool's but my husband has already got me once today.

  6. Funny - you totally had me there!

    We're not big pranksters but I told my daughter she didn't have to do school today (we homeschool) - she's all like Really? Sucker.

  7. HI ty for stopping by my FB page. I have added you and I love this layout it is too cute.. Based on your title I am assuming you have 3 boys as well. Mine are 18 14 and 11. Too cute on the April Fools joke on your babies. I can only imagine the cries I would hear if I pulled one onmine.

  8. Great joke!! UBP11
    Thanks for the follow--@didoodlings!

  9. You got me too! I was thinking wow, that just came out of nowhere!

  10. LOL! That's a good one. I haven't fooled anyone today. Have a good one!

  11. how funny! I love it. :) thanks for stopping by my facebook page--I liked you back. :)

  12. Too funny!! Last year on April Fools, it got out that an expecting friend was having twins (even though she wasn't) and it spread like wild fire!! Stopping over from UBP.


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  15. You got me! I was totally seeing pink and bows in your future!!

  16. Hahaha - awesome! We participated in no jokes this year - hubs isn't a very good sport about pranks. LOL

  17. I gotta say, I fell for it. I was just getting ready to comment and congratulate you. Pretty funny!


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